Chairman of Oriental Huiquan Financial Holding Group visited our school
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    On April 26, Zhang Xuewu, chairman of Oriental Huiquan Financial Holding Group, accompanied by He Ping, its president, Zhang Lingyun, senior consultant, and Lu Dawei, editor of Hongqi Press,  came to our school to discuss cooperation.

    Ms. Shi Baofeng, chairman and principal of SLC welcomed the guests and showed the guests around the campus; Zhang Qi,, executive vice principal of SLC; Xu Yiwen, assistant to the principal; Jiang Xiaoyun,  administrative director; Yang Jianguo and Cao Jiawen, assistants to chairman Shi; also accompanied and participated in the discussion.

    Chairman Zhang Xuewu,,along withis delegation, paid a visit to the new campus、Industry 4.0 capability Center、The Library of School History and Entrepreneurship Platform; and had obtained a more intuitive understanding of our school .

    After the visit, the two parties had a discussion in the meeting room 621 of Shuncai Building. Principal Shi Baofeng welcomed the arrival of Chairman Zhang Xuewu and his entourage, and introduced her initial thoughts of running a school and her unwavering feelings of devotion to education. Executive Vice President Zhang Qi introduced the 21-year history of running schools from the aspects of professional settings, existing teaching conditions, qualified teachers, as well as plans of school-enterprise cooperation and development. In Zhang Qi’s speech, he placed special Focus on the school's educational tenet of “establishing a virtuous person, integrating industry with academia, and cultivating high-end technical skills with entrepreneurial spirit and ability”, paramilitary education, the reform of Ideological and political experience course, reform of complete credit system, etc.

    Chairman Zhang Xuewu agreed with Silicon Lake ‘s educational philosophy and development plan, and he introduced his business and layout in the field of education, and invited President Shi Baofeng to go to Shandong for a field visit.

    Subsequently, the two sides conducted an in-depth exchanges on the specific ways of cooperation.

    visit the Industry 4.0 capability Center

    visit the Industry 4.0 capability Center

    visit The Library of School History

    hold the meeting to discuss how to carry out cooperation