The Unveiling Ceremony of Cooperative Class between SLC and Jingdong was Held
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    On September 26, 2019, at Summit Forum on Campus Ecology in East China held in Shanghai, the unveiling ceremony of cooperative class between SLC and Jingdong Logistics was held.


    After several-year in-depth cooperation, Silicon Lake College and Jingdong Logistics have jointly carried out cooperation in talent training, program formulation, faculty training, cooperative courses, cooperative textbooks, horizontal topics and other aspects. Both sides have established a long-term mechanism of "industry and education integration, school and enterprise cooperation", and jointly built a good ecology of integration between industry and research, and school enterprise cooperation.

    On September 26-27, 2019, Summit Forum on Campus Ecology in East China was officially launched in Shanghai. This activity was based on the principle of "innovation, empowerment, boundless, win-win" and the cooperation concept of "jointly drawing the campus ecological concentric circle". It is committed to building a high-quality school enterprise cooperation platform. In the forum, experts and scholars from the government, universities, enterprises and other parties gathered to discuss the roles that the three parties played in the integration of industry and education and in the reform of vocational education, and also discussed on deepening the tripartite cooperation, promoting the reform and optimization of vocational education system, so as to realize the synchronous development of higher vocational education and economic society.

    At this summit forum, the representatives of colleges and universities and the representatives of Jingdong enterprises took "the development of school enterprise cooperation in the context of vocational education reform" as the center, raise the new requirements for school enterprise cooperation by focusing on the background and purpose of the reform for vocational education, and held a discussion on the following questions: how to deepen cooperation between Jingdong Logistics and colleges, and what kind of cooperation projects the school expects to carry out with the enterprise , and achieved the following consensus:

    1.to integrate production and education to cultivate new talents

    2.to optimize education mode of School-enterprise cooperation