Teachers won the prizes in translation (Interpretation) competition
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    On the morning of October 19, the final and award ceremony of the fifth "Foreign Teachers Association Cup" translation (Interpretation) competition for foreign language teachers of Colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province were successfully held in the Yellow Sea Hall of conference center, Cangwu Campus, Jiangsu Ocean University.

    40 English teachers from higher institutes in Jiangsu Province participated in the final competition. The competition is divided into two groups: higher vocational colleges and Undergraduate, including the semi-finals and the final. The final is divided into two parts: the first round is English-Chinese consecutive interpretation, which requires the contestants to translate an English passage into Chinese within one minute; the second round is Chinese-English consecutive interpretation, which requires the contestants to translate a Chinese passage into English within one minute. After the fierce competition, Wang Qiao and Wang Dan performed well in the competition and both won the third prize of higher vocational colleges.

    Li Xiaoxiang, former dean of School of Foreign Languages, Southeast University, President of College Foreign Languages Teaching & Research Association of Jiangsu Province , and Cheng Aimin, former dean of School of overseas education, Nanjing University, President of Nanjing Translators Association and executive vice president of Jiangsu Translators Association, served as the general judges of the competition; Yan Zhijun, Dean of School of foreign languages, Nanjing Normal University, and Meng Xiangchun, vice president of School of foreign languages, Suzhou University, served as the first judges of the competition The two groups were Zhao Jinghui, Dean of the school of foreign languages of Jiangsu ocean university, Yang Shuhua, deputy editor in chief of foreign language research, and other professors and scholars from well-known universities in the province.

    The contest is co sponsored by the higher education department and the Vocational Education Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of education. The Jiangsu Translation Association, Jiangsu Institute of higher learning foreign language teaching research association and Shanghai foreign language education press co sponsored the translation forum, foreign language research, and the Foreign Languages Institute of Jiang Suhai foreign university. (Interpretation) discipline construction and prosperity and development of foreign languages, training high-level and high-quality foreign language teachers in Colleges and universities, and better serving the overall situation of national development.