Dobezhou lead many enterprises to visit SLC
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    On October 14, Zhou Jicheng, chairman of Debaizhou Information Consulting Co., Ltd., Tang Yuqin, chairman of Shanghai Yiyu Industry Co., Ltd., Bi Lixin, chairman of Shanghai Fenghui Construction Decoration Co., Ltd., Hu Dehai, chairman of Guangzhou Yihaoxin Food Technology Co., Ltd., Jiang Xianjiang, chairman of Hangzhou Xianli Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd., and Zhang Min, general manager of Kunshan Manfrey Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, paid a visit to Silicon Lake College and negotiate for cooperation.

    Shi Baofeng, President of SLC; Zhang Qi, executive vice president, Wang Guicheng, vice president, Dai Guomei, director of the school enterprise cooperation department and the heads of relevant departments accompanied the guests to visit SLC and participated in the discussion.

    These entrepreneurs have successively visited the industrial 4.0 ability center, performing arts hall, Museum of School History and library; which offered an opportunity for these guests to have an intuitive understanding of SLC’s experimental and training environment, and 21-year school running history, and showed their recognition on the running concept of "cultivating talents with morality, integrating production and learning, and cultivating high-end technical talents with entrepreneurship and ability" .

    After the visit, the two sides had a discussion and exchange in conference room of 621, Shuncai building. Shi Baofeng, chairman and President of SLC, systematically introduced the school running direction of cultivating entrepreneurial talents with "one body, two wings" and the specific methods of setting up "Silicon Lake brand course", implementing paramilitary training, carrying out ideological and political teaching reform with "moving degree" as the core, implementing complete credit system and deepening cooperation with enterprises.

    These entrepreneurs put forward practical problems they are facing, such as new employees lack practical competence and the existing employees needs to be trained and learn to improve their own capabilities. They believe that the education mode of silicon Lake meets the needs of modern enterprises, and has broad cooperation space with Silicon Lake in personnel training, employee training, building industry exchange platform, etc. After the discussion, some entrepreneurs and Chairman Shi Baofeng had a one-to-one in-depth exchange on cooperation.