Children's development education summit successfully held in our school
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    On October 20, 2019, the children's Development Education Summit Forum was successfully held in our school. The theme of the forum is "precise promotion and improvement of the quality of preschool education". The forum has attracted more than 200 professional colleges and kindergartens with preschool education from all over the country.

    The forum was hosted by China Private Education Association, Jiangsu Private Education Association, and organized by Sihu vocational and technical college and Suzhou Private Education Association. Wang zuoshu, President of China Private Education Association, Wang Hongsheng, deputy director of Suzhou Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, vice chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the people's Republic of China revolution and chairman of Suzhou Municipal Committee, men Lijun, deputy director general and Secretary General of China foundation for human rights development, Liu Yanning, deputy director general of China high tech Industrialization Research Association and deputy director of Preschool Education Digital Library of China Digital Library, chairman of China Digital Library Yao Ting, former executive vice president of China Academy of Arts Liu Xi, deputy director of Suzhou Education Bureau Zhu Xiangfeng, chairman and President of our school Shi Baofeng attended the forum.

    Wang zuoshu, President of China Private Education Association, thanked me for the great support of the conference. He expressed the hope that this conference could provide reference for everyone to study preschool education, the development of children and the development of higher normal education, so as to continuously improve the level of preschool education.

    As one of the organizers of the forum, Zhang Qi, executive vice president of our university, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the forum. "It's great to have friends from afar." Zhang Qi, executive vice president, warmly welcomes leaders, experts, scholars and preschool education practitioners from all over the country to attend the forum. He said that the forum will focus on the interpretation of new policies for children's development and education, and the dissemination of new ideas for children's education, aiming to promote the dialogue and exchanges among people in the industry and the healthy development of children's education.

    At this forum, China foundation for human rights development and China Digital Library donated 100 preschool digital libraries to China Association of private education for targeted support of preschool education in Jiangsu Province. Liu Xiaoqing, vice president of China Digital Library, introduced that China preschool education digital library is the preschool education branch of China Digital Library. Relying on the rich collection resources of China National Library, the library can provide high-quality digital book reading and teaching information learning, exchange and display services for preschool educators, preschool children and their parents.

    How to improve the quality of preschool education? In the afternoon, Gu Dinghong, Dean of the school of children's development, Li Xiangling, deputy dean of the school of education of Xinlian College of Henan Normal University, Liu bouli, President of the Affiliated School of Shenyang Normal University, Yang Heng, President of Taipei private reinvigoration national primary school, Zhou Juan, Secretary of the Party branch of Dongxu School of Chongqing Dazu Chengnan education group, Gao Xiaorong, director of Sunshine Kindergarten of Xi'an Jiaotong University, and Tai Ye Weihong, the kindergarten head of the first affiliated kindergarten of the State University, respectively made the titles of "preliminary study on the training mode of children's development professionals based on school enterprise cooperation", "improving the quality of preschool education, practicing the joint education of two teachers", "theory and practice of children's convergence", "E-Learning rejuvenated innovative courses in line with the world", "young seedlings need drizzle, infiltration should be silent", "mixed age game activity of Kindergarten" The keynote speeches of "integration and exploration of dynamic and kindergarten based curriculum system" and "construction of three connecting subjects to promote children's development in coordination" aroused wide discussion among participants. Dr. Liang Shuncai, founder of Sihu University, awarded the appointment letter of senior consultant of Sihu University and director of Expert Committee of "Sihu preschool education and cultural art research think tank" to President Wang zuoshu.

    On the same day, participants also visited the demonstration teaching of preschool education in our school. The school of children's development of our university has always adhered to the talent training mode of "school 'Park' docking, co construction and co education", realizing the seamless docking of school and kindergarten. In addition, the school has carried out in-depth cooperation in teaching, training and practice with the children's Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University, a well-known third grade children's College Hospital in China, and cultivated a group of characteristic preschool education talents with comprehensive preschool education professional knowledge and certain children's clinical medical care knowledge and skills, which has formed distinct characteristics and is deeply welcomed by the market. In addition, the University actively expands the way of international cooperation in running schools, carries out counterpart cooperation with famous foreign universities such as South Korea Central University, German University of women, etc., provides 2 + 1 (3 + 1) foreign counterpart exchange and learning opportunities for students, and greatly improves their professional ability and international vision.