Our school held a press conference to commend the advanced workers
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    On the morning of October 15, our school held a press conference in conference room 605, Shuncai building. Zhang Qi, executive vice president of the school, attended the meeting, and Qin Yu, deputy director of the school office, presided over the meeting.

    In 2018-2019 academic year, under the leadership of the board of directors and the University Party committee, the Publicity Department of the Party committee specifically guided each department to focus on the ideological publicity work of the school and the work of the school center, publicized and reported the achievements of our school in terms of enrollment, employment, teaching, scientific research, etc., creating a good public opinion atmosphere for the development of the school and talent training. Among them, some departments and individuals work hard in propaganda posts, with large amount of news release and excellent production, and the school decided to commend them.

    At the meeting, Qin Yuxuan, deputy director of the school office, read the decision on Commending the advanced collectives and individuals in the 2018-2019 academic year of Journalism and publicity. It is decided to award the honorary title of "advanced group of Journalism and publicity work in 2018-2019 academic year" to 8 units, i.e. School of mechanical and electrical engineering, School of economic management, School of culture and creativity, Ministry of philosophy and Social Sciences, office of science and engineering, office of science and technology, Organization Department (Party School) and library, and 8 comrades, i.e. Chen Xiumei, Zhou Ping, Feng Weiyun, Yi Qiurong, Wei Wei, Zhang Hui, Xie zhaoxun and Chen Yun, "2018-2019 academic year" The honorary title of "advanced individual in news and publicity work". Zhang Qi, the executive vice president, awarded honorary certificates to the collective and individual representatives who were awarded.

    Zhang Qi, executive vice president, delivered a speech, stressing that the official website of the school is an important window for the outside world to understand the silicon lake. All units should pay more attention to the work of news publicity, actively explore the distinctive highlights of their own work in teaching, scientific research, student activities, etc., and communicate with the outside world through the official website of the school and other media platforms. Zhang Qi said that the school will regularly organize appraisals in accordance with the measures for the administration of news and publicity work and the measures for the assessment of news and publicity work, and reward the units that perform well.