SLC held the the 21st anniversary celebration party grandly
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    November 15, 2019, Silicon Lake ushered in its 21st birthday. On the 16th, the people of Silicon Lake expressed their love and blessings to the school with a theme party of “striving to realize the dream of Silicon Lake”. Shi Baofeng, chairman and principal of SLC; Zhang Qi, executive vice president; 20 alumni of Principal Shi, from City University of Hong Kong, more than 30 graduates who returned to SLC to participate in the “tenth anniversary of graduation” and more than 400 teachers and students attend the viewing party.

    The party was divided into three chapters: "Remembering the original heart", "Youth mission", and "Forging ahead". It showed a moving 21-year history of SLC’s hard work with songs, dances, interviews, recitations and other forms.

    President Shi delivered an affectionate speech at the party. She recalled that when the school was founded 21 years ago, it was named by Mr. Liang Shuncai as Silicon Lake, which means high-tech convergence. The original intention of running a school is to adapt to the development of the times, keep abreast of new scientific and technological trends, serve the society and help the economy. In its twenty-one-year development course , Silicon Lake has always advocated the mutual emphasis on theory and practice, coexisting moral education and intellectual education, both inheriting tradition and dare to innovate. The school innovates the "one body and two wings" talent training model. It stands on its own feet and applies what it has learned; it adopts paramilitary training and offers Silicon Lake branding courses to cultivate students' morality and literacy; with artificial intelligence as its core, innovation and entrepreneurship as its goals, SLC deepen the integration of production and education, and cultivate high-end technical and skilled personnel with innovative spirit and ability. As the headmaster, she will "report a nation of ambitions to the country, and the emperor will win the honor."

    On the same day, SLC also hired the principal of the alumni of the City University of Hong Kong and nearly 20 outstanding entrepreneurs as visiting professors of SLC. They became a new force to promote the development of Silicon Lake. On the same day, more than 30 outstanding alumni of 2006 reunited with their alma mater. President Shi praised the alumni for their hard work at school and on their new positions after graduation. She called on all alumni to continue to care about the alma mater and cheer for its development and prosperity.