Z- HOPE Group visited SLC for school enterprise cooperation
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    On November 28, 2019, Xu Hong, general manager of Z- HOPE Group, Jiang Le, deputy general manager and Zhang Mei, general manager of business department, visited SLC. Wang Guicheng, vice president of SLC, Dai Guomei, director of the school enterprise cooperation department, Chen Lizhen, Dean of the school of economics and management, Xue Shengjun, Dean of the school of computer science met with the guests.

    Vice president Wang Guicheng, on behalf of all teachers and students, extended a warm welcome to general manager Xu Hong and his party. Accompanied by the vice president Wang Guicheng, the delegation visited the new campus, including industrial 4.0 capability center, new main building, cultural and creative center, etc. General manager Xu Hong and others highly praised our school's hardware conditions and beautiful campus environment.

    Later, vice president Wang Guicheng and other leaders held the meeting with general manager Xu Hong in conference room 621 of Shuncai building, which lasted more than one hour. In this cooperation negotiation meeting, the two sides mainly discussed and reached a consensus on the later progress of the three contents of the last negotiation: 1. Adobe international exclusive authorization and international certification cooperation. 2. Set up the BPO specialty of call center under the joint contract. 3. Set up Z-HOPE Group national call center demonstration base (listed by the government) in silicon lake. Vice president Wang Guicheng said that SLC attached great importance to the cooperation with Z-HOPE group, and hopes to achieve long-term cooperation in production, learning and research, improve the professionalism of students, and play the talent training function of Vocational and technical education.