Jiade Vocational Education Innovation Alliance Visited Our Institute for Investigation
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    In the afternoon on September 17th, some enterprise leaders from different companies came to our institute for investigation, including Lin Qi, Zhongguancun Jiade Vocational Education Innovation Alliance Vice-Chairman and Secretary-general; Zhang Yiming, deputy secretary general of China Labor Association and director of Big Data and Policy Simulation Lab of Chinese Academy of Labor and Social Security; Fu Lifen, a member and professor of China Labor Association; Zheng Liqun, expert in big data analysis from Data Research Institute of Peking University; Liu Shuyu, deputy director of Zhongguancun Jiade Vocational Education Innovation Alliance and others. Our institute leaders present for reception and communication are Shi Baofeng, president ; Zhang Qi, executive vice- principal; Li Zhongming and Wang Guicheng, vice- principal; Qi Conglin, assistant principal as well as others from the related secondary-level schools and departments.

    First of all, secretary general Lin Qi with the group visited the Engineering Training Center, which is the practical training base for our engineering specialty teaching, including the related  fields of automatic control, electromechanical engineering, information engineering, artificial intelligence and so on. Zhang Sheng, principal of the Electromechanical Engineering School, guiding the group, visited intensively AI Experience Space : naked- eye 3D displayer, reality strengthening 4D artistic screen, American Silicon AI latest consultation nano screen. Xue Shengjun, principal of computer science and technology school, introduced in details about our conditions of experimental training labs in big data, internet center and other labs, as well as the practical schemes on guiding students to practice and experiment improving their performance skills.  Director Wang Yiming, asking questions while looking at, praised highly for our great investment in establishing advanced and practical experimental training teaching equipments.

    After visit, secretary general Lin Qi with the group had a discussion and communication meeting in Room 605 of Building Shuncai. President Shi Baofeng introduced “production- education integration” of talents- cultivating idea and mode and its latest development. She pointed out that if we want to become into a substantial and breakthrough high vocational college, we must stick to development strategy of “One Body with Two Wings”, exactly locating markets, construct ecological chain of production- education integration. Secretary general Lin Qi identifying highly with our school- running idea will positively set up more platforms for our institute to cooperate with other enterprises, helping to strengthen school-enterprise cooperation, and encouraging us to make good use of our advantages to develop into a vocational college with our own characteristics. At the meeting, Wang Yiming, Zheng Liqun, Fu Lifen and others contributed their valuable suggestions to our future developments, energizing our vocational education.

    Finally, president Shi Baofeng, expressed her appreciation for secretary Lin Qi with the group to come to Silicon Lake for investigation, and their suggestions given to our future development, and hoping that our institute can cooperate with more enterprises.