SLC Held Military Training Performance and Opening Ceremony of 2019 Freshmen Students
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    At 10:00 a.m. on September 20th, in the playground of our institute, 2019 freshmen students military performance, the opening ceremony, was held. Leaders present included Dr.Liang Shuncai, founder of the institute and honorary president; Fan Ming, executive president and Party secretary; Zhang Qi, executive vice- principal; Li Zhongming, Wang Guicheng, and Liu Ronggui, vice- principal; Qi Congshan, assistant principal; Gu Dinghong, director of supervisory board; Du Zhongle, secretary general of the board; functional departments; secondary-level school leaders and all the 2019 freshmen students military training instructors. Xu Hongjun, deputy secretary, was the host.

    The performance started with the solemn national anthem. Dr. Liang Shuncai accompanied by Wen Nianxi, director of military training brigade, reviewed the phalanxes of the freshmen students in military training. Each phalanx gave its performance as a report and made a solemn pledge.  

    Then secretary Fan Ming read out Commending 2019 Military Training Advanced Dollectives and Individuals of the Silicon Lake Vocational and Technological Institute, who were awarded medals by the leaders on the platform.

    Wang Zhenghui from the Child Development School as the representative of the freshmen students made a statement, calling all the students to bear in mind the great trust of our motherland, exhortation of parents, expectation of teachers, encouragement of friends, pledge made in the Silicon Lake, aiming high, down to earth; striving ahead to make youth dreams come true.

    Feng Jingjuan from the electromechanical school as the representative of the teachers made statement, sincerely expecting the students to have their dreams in mind, pursuing their dreams, without losing their way, deeply take root in the Silicon Lake, absorbing rich nutrition and future needed knowledge and abilities.

    Vice- principal Zahng Qi showed, first in his opening ceremony speech, welcome to all the freshmen student coming to this warm Silicon Lake family. He praised highly the students for their first successful class of military training over half of month, overcoming all the challenges mentally, physically and spiritually , learning to bear hardship and stand hard work like a real soldier with grittiness spirit, making them stronger physically, improving their self-confidence for overcoming hardships, fulfilling all the training task. He also expected all the students to improve their self- principle in the three years, put into practice by steeling their professional skills, spending each day positively, enthusiastically and dedicatedly.

    Finally,Dr. Liang Shuncai, the founder of the institute and honorary president, gave an important speech. He praised highly for their greatness in showing their tidy pace and the majestic appearance of an army within only 12 days. He shared with the students his 50- years- ago experience of entering university having military training, accepting segmented teaching in the second year, and joining an army after graduation. He also emphasized that all the spirit of union, persistency, good daily habit and strong body learned from military training will become the necessary foundation for the future success. He hoped that the students would have the success of this military training lifetime, as a great present for the 70th anniversary of our country!