Two Well-known Enterprises visited Our College for College-enterprise Cooperation
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    In the afternoon of May 15, Liu Zhaohui, president of H3C University, and Miss. Tian Xiaomei from Tsinghua Unisplendour Corporation Limited visited our college and had a discussion about college- enterprise cooperation. Our college leaders in the company of the visit and present at the meeting were Zhang Qi, vice- principal, Wang Guicheng, executive vice-principal, Chen Jun, chief executive and president of science and technology platform of The Silicon Lake College, Liu Yang, assistant to chairman, Wang Cuntang, principal of the electromechanical engineering school, Xue Shengjun, principal of computer science and technology school and others.

    President Liu Zhaohui and Miss. Tian Xiaomei accompanied by the group first of all visited with interest different kinds of experimental training rooms, such as AI experience space, intelligent robot lab, 3D printing technology lab, computer principle lab, program development and test lab, cloud computing experimental training room, big data experimental training room, etc.  During the visit process, they paid attentive attention to the equipments related to experimental training, the related majors and courses, seeking the joint point of college- enterprise cooperation.  And Zhang Sheng, principal of electromechanical engineering school, and Xue Shengjun, principal of computer science and technology school, introduced in detail about the related situation and conditions.  Then they visited college history museum and lecture hall. After the visit, they couldn’t help exclaiming that the Silicon Lake College has achieved a lot in its more than 20- year school-running development with the present surroundings on new campus and special design of school buildings.  

    Then both sides had a communication talk in lecture room No. 605 of Xuncai Building. Principal Zhang Qi expressed a warm welcome to the visit of president Liu Zhaohui and Miss. Tian Xiaomei in our college. Principal Zhang Qi expressed that it has been more than 20 years since the Silicon Lake College was founded in 1998. With more than 30 majors offered presently by the college, such as industrial robot technology, computer application technology, computer networking technology, mobile internet application technology, etc. the Silicon Lake College has developed into a well-known private higher vocational college in Jiangsu province, hoping to provide students with more practice and employment opportunities through the cooperation with H3C Technologies Co., Limited, meanwhile helping college with great-leap- forward development.

    Tian Xiaomei from Tsinghua Unisplendour Corporation Limited said that Tsinghua Unisplendour Corporation Limited and H3C Technologies Co., Limited are domestic leading science and technology enterprises, and they hoped that there would be more qualified professional technology talents cultivated who are  demanded by markets and enterprises through the cooperation with the Silicon Lake College. H3C University president Liu Zhaohui introduced about the history development of H3C University and his understanding of education. He expressed that there would be room for both sides cooperation in marketing operation and maintenance, talents cultivation, experimental training internship base construction, training certification, etc. and there would be further discussion and communication between both sides.  

    Xue Shengjun, principal of computer science school, and Wang Cuntang, principal of electromechanical engineering school, introduced respectively about computer science school and electromechanical engineering school in specialty setup and college- enterprise cooperation situation and conditions, hoping to cooperate with enterprises, to bring in enterprise advantage talents and  technology investment, to construct students internship base, improving the quality of talents cultivation.

    Finally, vice- principal Wang Guicheng pointed out that private colleges value quality and benefit. He suggested seeking the joint point of cooperation from the beginning, sharing resources with each other, investing low courses and majors, getting effective results.