Experts from Provincial Education Department Conducted the Annual Inspection of Private Colleges
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    In the morning of May 29, provincial education department annual- inspecting group, composed of seven members with their group leader called Shen Zonggen, vice- party secretary and vice-president of Changshu Institute of Technology, arrived in our college for inspecting and guiding school- running work in our college in 2018.  Our college leaders present and reported at the meeting included Shi Baofeng, college chairman and president, Fan Ming, party secretary, Zhang Qi, vice- principal, Wang Guicheng, executive vice-principal, Liu Ronggui, vice-principal, Gu Dinghong, chief supervisor, and others in charge of different departments of personnel, finance, educational administration, logistics, etc. with the inspecting group leader Shen Zonggen as the host.    

    At the meeting, first of all, party secretary Fan Ming representing our college showed welcome to the expert group, and introduced about all the participants from our college. He said that The Silicon Lake College is now applying for university upgrading which is the critical period in its development, expecting each expert to give precious suggestions for helping the Silicon Lake College’s standardized developing. Vice- principal Zahng Qi gave a detailed report in altogether either aspects about college Party construction work, inner management, school-running conditions, teaching staff construction, specialty construction, college -enterprise cooperation, moral education construction, and campus prevention and control system construction. He also analyzed the existing problems in college work and pointed out the plan for next step work.     

    After reports, the expert group members checked seriously college materials for annual inspection and then communicated with the persons in charge on the related work. Besides, the expert group on the scene selected partial teachers and students to answer the questionnaires learning about their suggestions or opinions for college development.   

    Experts had a meeting with the presidential leaders and cadres of Silicon Lake Vocational & Technical Institute

    Fan Ming, Party Secretary of  Silicon Lake Vocational & Technical Institute, delivered the welcome speech to the experts

    Zhang Qi, Vice President of of  Silicon Lake Vocational & Technical Institute, made the working report to the experts

    The expert checked the  materials carefully

    The expert communicated with some relevant cadres