The 5th “Internet+” College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Held in Our College
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    Knowledge makes your life full; innovation makes your version broaden; motivation makes your life bright; and entrepreneurship makes your life changed. On May 8 2019, in the meeting room on the third floor of Building Dongnandong, our college held the 5th  “Internet +” college students innovation and entrepreneurship competition which took “fighting forward forever to dreams; bravely standing at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship with new charming chapter” as its theme.    

    The judges invited for this competition included Wang Chuntang, principal of the electromechanical engineering school, Xue Shengjun, principal of the computer science and technology school, Zhang Minli, principal of the architecture and environment engineering school, Liu Chengbi, principal of the cultural originality school, Chen Lizhen, vice-principal of the economics and management school, Wen Chunyu, vice-principal of the child development school and others.

    Nine teams stood out from all the participants after nearly two month of entering for, recommendation and selection. In the competition they roadshowed their excellent PPTs for which The expert judges watched attentively and gave good specific suggestions while giving affirmation to students’ projects.     

    After the judges’ assessment, the first prize belonged to Founder Internet + HR Supply and Demand Platform, the second prize “peach” Escape Plan and the Buddha- like Photography Studio, the third prize  Xingnong Public Platform- Happy Farm E- Commerce, the Solution to all-for- one Smart Tourism Integration and Being Full of Sound and Color. Four judge teachers who were Sun Ruilin, Dong Chunlin and Zhang xu were honored “Excellent Instructors” for this competition.

    In the afternoon of Mary 15, all the competitors qualified for school-level teams assembled together in the meeting room of students’ affairs office, listening to the instructor Deng Yanmin reporting the spirit of the province- level “internet +” college students innovation and entrepreneurship competition. Wen Nianxi, section chief of students’ affairs office, were present at the meeting and personally gave the prizes to the winner teams in this school- level “internet +”college students  innovation and entrepreneurship competition.  

    This competition assessment is part of the 5th “ CCB cup” China  college students innovation and entrepreneurship competition, that’s to say, the 8th provincial  “Huaqiao International Business City Cup”. The excellent competitors will ,representing our college, enter national and provincial qualification trials.