Chairman of Kunshan Science Association paid a visit of SLC for Work Guidance
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    In the afternoon of April 23, the party of Gu Baochang, Chairman of Kunshan Science Association, Gao yun, vice- chairman, Pu Yanhong and Cao Xiaofang from the society, arrived in our college for work guidance on AI science popularization education base construction. Leaders from our college attending the related work included Wang Guicheng, executive vice-principal, Liu Ronggui, vice-principal, Du Zhongyue, office director, Shi Jianping, section chief of science and technology administration, Wang Cuntang, principal of electromechanical engineering school and Zhang sheng, vice-principal of electromechanical engineering school.   

    First of all, Chairman Gu and his party guided by principal Wang and principal Liu visited the engineering training center in our college. Then, the party debriefed principal Zhang introducing about the scheme of AI experience space and AI science popularization education base construction in the Silicon Lake College.

    After debriefing principal Zhang’s report, section chief Pu pointed out that the work on science popularization is very important and AI base can enrich activities in different ways, such as propaganda billboard, summer camp, laboratory opened to the outside world, etc. section chief Cao pointed out that the Silicon Lake College has changed a lot and can set up “AI Association” considering industrial connection. Chairman Gao also suggested that setting up the association is quite necessary, making the science popularization instructor party from the Silicon Lake College face the public as soon as possible. Chairman Gu finally pointed out that interaction should be strengthened to contribute to Kunshan city. He suggested that the base construction should be strengthened in interestingness cultivating students’ interests. He said that Kunshan Science Association would greatly support our college in the development of scientific innovation.      

    Finally, principal Liu made a speech as a summary. He said that this visit by science association leaders effectively promoted mutual communication and understanding, indicating right directions for further development of AI science popularization base. He expressed that the Silicon will as always continue to support government work, contributing its own force to scientific and technological development of Kunshan.  

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