Cooperative Negotiation Meeting Between Our College and the InterContinental Hotels Group
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    On April 18 2019, the cooperative meeting between our college and the InterContinental Hotels Group PLC was held in the meeting room No.605 of Shuncai Building. The attendees were He Yanping, Director of HR from Crowne Plaza of Shanghai Waigaoqiao and the InterContinental Hotels Group in Shanghai, Liu Fei, Manager of Elite College from the InterContinental Hotels Group PLC in Shanghai, Zhang Liang, High Commissioner of Elite College from the InterContinental Hotels Group PLC in Shanghai. The attendees from our college were Zhang Qi, vice-principal, Wang Guicheng, executive vice-principal, Du Zhongle, director of the principal’s office, Luo Qi, director of the school- enterprise cooperation department, Wen Nianxi, director of the school- engineering division, Lu Xia, principal of school of economics, Gao Yeshen, director of school of economics and others.      

    At the meeting, four issues were mainly discussed by both sides, which were first about the elite class (requirements for class- building, operation mode, and memorandum of understanding signing ways); second, what students roughly do during internships practice; third, the selection of students- interviewing; fourth, course arrangement of the elite class and the concrete practice for teachers to be tempered through titular position. After detailed discussion, both sides reached agreement on the four questions.

    Vice-principal Zhang Qi expressed that our college values highly cooperation with the InterContinental Hotels Group, expecting to strengthen students’ professional development, improve their capacities and employment rate, realizing the mutual development through cooperation with elite class establishing as the good opportunity. Executive vice- principal Wang Guicai believes that this cooperation is mutually good and significant. On the one hand, it could provide students with platform, and with good support for the professional technicians- cultivating; on the other hand, it could provide enterprise with talents helping enterprise to develop well, realizing mutual benefit, complementing each other’s advantages and resources-sharing. Our college will further improve talents cultivating quality to provide enterprise and society with high quality talents required.         

    Both sides expressed further cooperation and communication between each other by taking this cooperation as a helping power, realizing win-win cooperation.   

    Vice-president Zhang Qi made a summary speech

    Executive Vice-president Wang Guicheng delivered his speech