Our College Going to CRRC Qishuyan Co.LTD. for Science and Technology Communication
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    To help further science and technology fusion of our college and enterprise, on April 17, a three- group of our college leaders, Shi Jianping, director of science and technology department, Zhao Lipu, director of teaching and research office from electromechanical engineering school, and Xie Zhaoli, assistant in charge of party committee office, were invited to the state-owned enterprise-- CRRC Qishuyan Co.LTD (Changzhou)for communication, and they were welcomed and treated warmly by Xie Zhaodong, director of HR department(party committee leader department).

    At the meeting, Director Xie introduced overall situation about the CRRC Qishuyan Co LTD. from the aspect of its development history, technological characteristics of its products and market exploiting, etc. The CRRC Qishuyan Co LTD founded in 1898 with more than 5000 employees now available, which belongs to CRRC Corporation Limited, the biggest manufacturer of railway traffic equipments all over the world, is honored as the manufacturing research base of main internal combustion locomotives for China railway passenger and freight transport, as well as the dynamic leader in six times of speeding up of China railway. Director Shi comprehensively introduced about our college size, school idea, and teachers strength, etc. especially the Engineering Training Center of Silicon Lake College with advantages of electromechanical integration technology, industrial robot technology, mold design and manufacturing technology, etc. Director Zhao Lipu introduced in details about specialty setup of electromechanical engineering school, construction of the Engineering Training Center, and AI, etc. and then accompanied by division leaders, they visited on the spot parts shop, assembly shop and other technology research departments, getting an inside glimpse of process of train internal combustion locomotive assembly and related accessories products manufacturing skills, etc.            

    This enterprise cooperation communication effectively helped mutual understanding between our college and state owned enterprise - CRRC Qishuyan Co.LTD, establishing good foundation for college- enterprise development in scientific technology.