SLC held the meeting for the campus safety and security
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        In order to carry out the spirit of the national school video and telephone conference and the provincial educational administration system work safety video and telephone conference, our college held 2019 work safety duty contract signing meeting in the afternoon on March 28 in  Building DongnandongC. College leaders present at the meeting were vice-principal Zhang qi, vice-principal Liu ronggui, police officer Lu changming, directors from all second-level colleges and departments, with vice-principal Liu ronggui hosting the meeting.

    At the meeting, security department chief Zhang jiawei first of all made a summary of college work safety in the first semester in 2018-2019, and arranged that for the second semester in 2018-2019. Then law counselor and community police Lu changing, in the viewpoint of public security organization, commented our college work safety arrangement. He analyzed our college safety work from the aspects of four- prevention construction, safety education, law construction, joint action and etc. He also said that the local public safety organization will as usual support our college safety protection work, together safeguarding Silicon Lake College harmony and stability.       

    After police officer Liu finished his speech, vice-principal Liu ronggui, representing college and every second-level college signed the work safety duty contract in 2019. Vice-principal Zhang qi gave the final speech in which he required every second-level college and each department to ,  considering our college general work safety requirements, carefully practice the spirit of provincial and municipal related meetings and notifications, to carefully tease problems, to make a list of hidden dangers; to strengthen safety inspection without any accidents; to make joint action system play a positive role consolidating college campus safety. Finally principal Zhang hoped that all the attendees as colleagues can strengthen their Red-line awareness, try best to be responsible for our college, together safeguarding our campus safety and stability, sparing no effort to ensure that our college teaching, work, and life are going smoothly.