SLC held the meeting of all middle-level cadres
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     In the afternoon on March 27th, SLC held the  meeting  of all middle-level cadres in the conference hall of C District, Dongnandong. Our college leaders present at the meeting were president Shi baofeng, party secretary Fan ming, executive vice-principal Wang guicheng, vice-principal Zhang qi, Liu ronggui, Li zhongming, as well as all the middle-cadres, with secretary Fan ming hosting the meeting.

    At the meeting, executive vice-principal Wang guicheng first of all interpreted " annual private college inspecting in 2018" by provincial education department about its requirements, procedures and evaluation system, and arranged related work, ensured different departments responsible for different tasks with deadlines. He said that our college pay great attention to provincial education department annual inspection, organized well, deployed well, asking every college department to make sure that the upgrading application material is complete enough, data is accurate enough, corresponding well with upgrading to university, in order to be excellent enough, establishing good groundwork for our college upgrading to university.

    In December 2018, Dongshan meeting blew the horn of “one body with two wings” as the entrepreneurial innovation education reform in our college. From then on, our college carried out reform by centering on deep integration of production and education and paramilitary management cultivation. Entrepreneurship program platform is the important carrier for integration of production and education as well as the important platform helping students to start up a business. Entrepreneurial reform construction and project recommendation are the center work of our college. Secretary Fan ming mentioned that comparing with various incubation platforms, our Silicon Lake entrepreneurial platform is not only supporting incubated projects financially but also fully exerting its advantages in our college alumni network, helping project development. Secretary Fan ming, by taking the transboundary legendary entrepreneur called Chu shijian as an good example,  inspired us to overcome fear, change ideas, step over the limit between educational and entrepreneurial field, actively looking for projects, recommending excellent projects, launching students to discover and recommend good projects, helping development of our college entrepreneurial platform.   

    At the meeting, Gu dinghong, chairman of college supervisory board, introduced about its duty and the board members, and mainly explained Efficiency Supervision Interim Procedures in  2019. He pointed out that our college would carry out objective assessment, strengthening management by goals, process assessment, efficiency supervision by adopting the qualitative  and quantitative method. The supervisory board required that school-level objective assessment be finished this week, the middle- cadres objective assessment be finished by April 3.    

    Vice- principal Li zhongming, representing college leaders and middle-cadres, made a speech in which he said we all as Silicon Lake people have the same dream. Our initial stage dream is to upgrade to university, and our final dream is to make Silicon Lake College the cradle for cultivating entrepreneurial talents. He said that in order to make our dream come true, board of directors is responsible for strategic planning, administrative sectors for carrying out it, and the supervisory board for supervision, three ones having the same goal. The work of supervisory board is helping to ensure the direction and speed in which the board of directors strategy is carried out, making sure the upgrading work go smoothly. Therefore we will actively respond, do our own job well, actively cooperate with supervisory board, communicate timely with it, strengthening work efficiency.  

    Finally at the meeting, president Shi baofeng made the important speech. She recalled that since Dongshan meeting, we made our mind to make school-running model reform of “one body with two wings”, which has achieved phased objectives. She pointed out that the  entrepreneurial talents cultivating idea proposed by our college has been praised by higher authority leaders, and our college “one body with two wings” reform is a systematic project linked together, one link going wrong would effect the whole situation. Taking paramilitary management as an example, this project practiced must depend on credit system, strengthening students’ ideal and belief education, behavioral habit, military literacy education, improving students’ comprehensive quality. Our college supervisory board put forward objective assessment system, and only when every one and every department is aware of its goal and key work, can the reform work go smoothly. 

    President Shi Baofeng made her important speech

     party secretary Fan ming presided over the meeting

    executive vice-principal Wang Guicheng made the arrangements for the annual inspection work directed by  by Jiangsu Education Department

    Gu Dinghong, supervisor of Teaching Quality Inspection Office, introduced the responsibilities and major work of  Teaching Quality Inspection Office

    Vice-principal Li Zhongming gave his speech