SLC held the meeting for all faculty
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    With spring coming, everything in nature is reviving. In the afternoon of March 6, our college held the whole faculty meeting of this new term in the lecture hall. Our college president Shi baofeng, principal Li lianshui,  Party secretary Fan ming, managing vice- principal Wang guicheng, vice-principal Zhang qi, Liu ronggui, Li zongming were present at the meeting. Secretary Fan ming hosted the meeting.

    At the meeting, principal Li lianshui gave the lecture entitled Freeing Our Minds Further and Developing Our Silicon Lake Further. In the lecture, from five parts, he deeply interpreted our college on-going “teaching mode reform” plan of enterprising type talents, teasing home and abroad innovative and enterprising education experiences, three kinds of changes in home vocational education, six targets and goals of the reform, further clearly defining our distinctive innovative and enterprising education of Silicon Lake College called “one body with two wings” as well as the main points of the reform, to help the upgrading work by focusing on “individualized teaching”(paramilitary management)  and “Silicon Lake- branding course” as the two bright spots through the reform. Principal Li lianshui also deployed comprehensively our college work of the second term in 2018-2019 academic year at three levels of “students centered”, “distinction manifesting reform” and “heading for the upgrading aim in full sail”, from thirteen aspects including developing the role of political core of Party committee, heading for in full sail the upgrading aim cohesively, elaborately organizing and boosting teaching reform, experimenting the paramilitary management, strengthening teaching staff construction, industry-education integration innovation, mobilizing and encouraging help with the whole teachers and students as well as our alumni engaging in platform construction of the group company.  

    managing vice-principal Wang changgui gave a lecture entitled Grasping Opportunity and Fighting Unitedly for the Upgrading Work Fulfillment,which recalled briefly the historical development of our college upgrading work, pointed out the changes and adjustment concerned, and made arrangement for the following upgrading work. Vice-principal Zhang qi gave the lecture entitled Carrying Out the Paramilitary Management ,Helping Enterprising Talents Cultivating which, based on the common problems among the students, analyzed the reason, implication, method and advantage for carrying out paramilitary management , and put forward Silicon Lake plan for the paramilitary management.

    At the end of the meeting, president Shi baofeng gave an important lecture. She at the first recognized the achievement in our college "one body with two wings" of innovative enterprising reform work, the explicit achievement in further carrying out the principal responsibility system under the leadership of board, the enough detailed policy researching work done by the college leaders, which helped with the smooth development of our college reform work. She said Silicon Lake College will further establish the enterprising platform to match up with the innovative enterprising education reform. President Shi baofeng called all the teachers and students to recommend and bring in great enterprising projects, especially for those who graduated from Silicon Lake College, if they have good enough enterprising projects, they could get financial support of energy from their old school of Silicon Lake College. She asked the related departments to further refine the reform scheme, more quickly carry out our college innovative enterprising education and paramilitary management work to help the upgrading task by forming the bright points. She asked all the teaching faculty facing the opportunity to play their own roles well, making sure that the required upgrading materials be finished preparing well as soon as possible, helping the Leap-forward development of Silicon Lake College.

    president Shi baofeng delivered her speech

    Principal Li Lianshui made a report on the work

    Party Secretary Fan Ming presided over the meeting

    Vice President Wang Guicheng made an explanation on the policy of upgrading SLC into a undergraduate college and made the detailed work plan

    Vice President Zhang Qi explained the policy of paramilitary management