Leaders inspecting class situation on the first day of this new term
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      Classes began on February 25, 2019. On this first day of this new term, our institute leaders paid enough attention to teaching work and inspected personally the teaching situation on the scene.

    At 8:20 in the morning, president Li lianshui, executive vice president Wang guicheng, vice president Zhang qi and Li zhongming, as well as chairman of supervisory board Gu dinghong leading heads from different institute offices and departments inspected completely on teachers’ classroom teaching, classroom order, classroom sanitation, classroom equipments, teachers on the scene and students attendance, and made the teaching observation in class lectured by Ma yu from school of economics and management.     

    Our institute leaders gave affirmation on organization and guarantee work of our secondary institutes (departments) at the very beginning of this new term, and discussed with the presidents of the related secondary institutes about further strengthening daily teaching management, guaranteeing reaching conditions, etc. putting forward clear requirements and giving detailed suggestions on strengthening teaching work of new term, as well as guaranteeing teaching quality.  

    According to this inspection, it is the result that overall teaching situation is fine; teachers and students on the whole show new spirit for the new term putting their passions in work and studies; teachers are punctual in class with enough preparation for class, with passion and good classroom teaching effect; the students are listening attentively to teachers with high attendance rate and good spirit; all the teaching guarantee measures are in place; classrooms are clean and tidy; multimedia equipments are in good operation with teaching in good order, which laid fine foundation for smooth development of the new term teaching work.