Lu Tongqi did research in our institute
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    In the afternoon on March 5, Lu tongqi, president of the public technology service association for small and medium-sized enterprises in Jiangsu province, Zhou jianzhong, deputy director of science and technology department of the provincial industry and information technology office, Zhang bailin, section chief of enterprise service for the  industry and IT bureau in Kunshan city, and the vice section chief, Zhou chen, as well as other leaders, arrived in our institute for research investigation and work guidance. And from our institute, Zhang qi, vice-president, Qi congshan, director of the admissions office, Liu changqiao, dean of the school of continuing education, were in the company and participated in the colloquia.   

    The party of President Lu visited the engineering training center in our institute, where professor Wang cuntang, dean of electromechanical engineering school and director of the engineering training center, introduced about the development conditions in the laboratory and training rooms of intelligent robot, mechatronics, electrical and electronic technology, big data, Internet of Things, 5-axis machining, etc. president Liu, asking while watching, praised highly our institute’s  advanced practical teaching equipment which has been constructed with an enormous sum of money.   

    After visit, the party of president Lu participated in the colloquia held in the meeting room on the sixth floor of Shuncai building and hosted by our vice president, Zhang qi. First of all, president Zhang representing our institute, to the leaders present at the meeting, introduced about the history of development of our school and cultivating innovative talents. And then, dean of continuing education school, Liu changqiao, reported about our institute’s recent development in high-skilled talents training towards enterprises. He said that our institute has been considering cultivating qualified professionals for local enterprises development as our own mission; in recent years, by making full use of our institute’s disciplines and teaching staff, the government’s supporting policy and the demand for high-skilled employees by enterprises, our institute has conducted work in cultivating and providing high-skilled professionals, at the same time also constantly innovating on program of cultivating high-skilled professionals, conducting practical service guarantee work in and after training to fulfill high quality training task in order to provide new technical skilled- workers for Kunshan industrial transformation and upgrading.    

    After listening to the report, president Lu expressed that Guihu’s advanced school idea as well as its powerful school strength meet the requirements of establishing the training base for small and medium - sized enterprises. He said he would actively carry forward Guihu’s more participating in training in cultivating innovative skills for small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Zhou jianzhong, deputy director of science and technology department of the provincial industry and information technology office, asked for information about the ability, content and method practiced in our institute this year in cultivating service business workers.

    Vice -president, Zhang qi, representing our institute, thanked sincerely the party of president Lu for taking time out of their busy schedule to come to Guihu for research investigation and high praise for Guihu, at the same time expected our institute to become the training base for provincial small and medium-sized enterprises, so that our institute would make full use of our advantages of talent, equipments and training, making effort in contributing to innovative development of provincial small and medium-sized enterprises.