Chairman of the Kunshan Municipal Science and Technology Association, He Jiahong, visited SLC
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    At 10:00 on the morning of December 19th, Xu Jiahong, Chairman of Kunshan Technical Association, Xu Qianwu, Deputy Director of Cao'an Sub-district Office, and Zhou Yanhong, General Manager of Xijiao University Center, visited our school and held a seminar on the construction of Kunshan Artificial Intelligence Science Education Base. School Presdent Li Lianshui, Executive Vice President Wang Guicheng, Vice President Liu Ronggui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Gu Dinghong, Dean of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Wang Cuntang, and Vice President Zhang Sheng attended the meeting. Liu Ronggui, vice president of the school, presided over the meeting.

    At the meeting, Vice President Liu Ronggui first extended a warm welcome to President He Jiahong and his delegation, and introduced the basic situation of the school. Then, Vice President Zhang Sheng of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering reported on the construction plan of artificial intelligence science education base in Kunshan from four aspects: the development background of artificial intelligence, the foundation of construction of the base, the construction target and the form of activities, and the budget for construction. Zhang pointed out that the current rapid development of artificial intelligence, Silicon Lake College has a good international cooperation and exchange platform and talent intelligence support, the school will use knowledge contests, presentations and other forms of artificial intelligence science work.

    Subsequently, the Chairman of the Municipal Science and Technology Association, He Jiahong pointed out that the current situation of artificial intelligence development is pressing, the market demand is urgent, and the people demand urgently, but there is a problem that the products provided by the market are decoupled from the needs of the people. Therefore, from the school level, intelligent manufacturing should do what it should do and should do it without hesitation. The forces of all parties must be twisted into one rope and done one thing, and adhere to the three principles of cooperation, co-construction and sharing. In accordance with the organization's undertaking, factor allocation, and pilot three-step strategy, we will strive to create artificial intelligence science products.

    Wang Guicheng, executive vice president, pointed out that the school board attaches great importance to the construction of artificial intelligence science base. In the new round of talent training, artificial intelligence has been added to the Silicon Lake branding series as a general education course, and the school is also actively contacting smart manufacturing. Enterprises, and strive to accelerate the transformation of production, research and research results.

    President Li Lianshui finally said that Silicon Lake will be based on the school and make overall arrangements, and continue to promote the work of artificial intelligence science, go out of Kunshan, go to the country, and do the best in artificial intelligence science.

    Before the meeting, Chairman He Jiahong and his party visited the exhibition of artificial intelligence achievements of our school.