The 20th Anniversary Celebration of SLC
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    On November 15, 2018, Silicon Lake finally ushered in her 20th birthday!

    The 20th  anniversary of the establishment of the Silicon Lake College was held in the Southeast East Hall!

    Accompanied by the passionate music, the school leaders and alumni accompanied the founder of the school, Mr. Liang Shuncai, and the chairman of the board, Dr. Shi Baofeng, and the audience cheered and cheered.

    Then, the program of“Three Princes Tour Silicon Lake” quickly caught the attention of everyone on the scene. The rhythm of the drums matched the street dance. The combination of traditional culture and new dances brought the atmosphere to a new peak, and all the audiences boiled.

    At 18:18, the audience greeted the countdown with warm cheers.

    Surprisingly, the opening of the party was announced by our dear robot "Little Silicon"!

    Wang Yuxi, a little girl together with two teachers of SLC sang the song “Today is Your Birthday, My Silicon Lake", the moving song accompanied by the graceful dance of the young ladies and and all the birthdays of the Silicon Lakers to their blessing!

    A historical sand painting video transforms our perspective into the growth of Silicon Lake for twenty years. Every bit of change is carefully depicted in the hands of the artist.

    "Responsibility and Honor" is not only a school motto, but also our belief! Under the command of Guan Qinghua, the chorus’s voice is magnificent and unwavering.

    Our school's entrepreneurship course is unique. This evening, we specially invited two 9 seniors to share their successful experiences and focus on it! The senior said: Everyone must work hard to be an entrepreneurial talent, do not forget the initial heart, persist in confidence, entrepreneurship is always on the road, life will always struggle, I hope everyone can be a responsible and responsible Silicon Lake people!

    When the host interacted with the four teachers of  Silicon Lake, the most impressive impression of was that  Ms Miao’s shining happy face, who will have her second baby in a few month. As they said,“The university has real friendship and true love”.

    The poems of the four teachers recited "The Love of Silicon Lake", the words are swaying, the 20 years of hurricane and rain, the struggle of 20 years is not limited... An epic scroll, spread out from their voices, brilliant and majestic, with Every Silicon Lake builder has fallen into a long memory.

    How many Silicon Lake teachers are holding a heart, the youthful blood and sweat are scattered in the Silicon Lake, a heart here, it is a lifelong sorrow, a lifetime of dedication. Teacher Guo Chenhai sang the experience of all the teachers, and also expressed our deep gratitude to all the teachers who contributed to the Silicon Lake.

    At the end of the party, Mr. Liang deeply thanked all the alumni who came to the party, thanked them for their efforts and made the Silicon Lake famous throughout the country.

    Mr. Liang Shuncai is also very grounded to say "We are coming" to the Silicon Lake tomorrow!

    Although Dr. Shi Baofeng did not have much words, her smile told all Silicon Lakers: Silicon Lake will definitely create more glory!