Expert of the Chinese Academy of Engineering made an academic report
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    On the morning of the 18th, the former inspector of the Policy and Regulation Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the director of the Innovation Research Office of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Li Xinnan, invited by the Silicon Lake College and the Jiangsu Provincial Association of Production and Education to give an academic report in the academic lecture hall of the SLC. Li Beiqun, president of Nanjing University of Information Technology, Wei Zhongping, vice president, Wu Zhongning, vice president of Jiangsu Open University, Zhang Yingchao, president of Nanjing Railway Vocational Technology College, and Wu Libao, secretary general of Jiangsu Higher Education Society, and more than 300 students and teachers attended report meeting. President of SLC , Pro. Li Lianshui presided over the report.

    Researcher Li Xinnan started from the development and development of the development of China's privately-run science and technology enterprises. He talked about the increasingly important role played by privately-run technology enterprises in the national economy today, and compared the development track of private colleges and universities, thinking that our national colleges and universities have entered the reform and development. Afterwards, he analyzed the performances and root causes of the system, mechanism, concept, culture and other aspects that restrict the development of private colleges and universities in the education sector, “respecting the public and running the private sector”, “supporting the public banner and supporting the private concern”; It is said that unswerving support for the development of private enterprises has become the consensus of governments at all levels. I believe that the environment for the development of private universities will become better and better. He believes that it is necessary to optimize private education promotion regulations, clarify greater efforts to support policies, and create innovative development. Cultural atmosphere, etc. Director Li’s report aroused enthusiastic response from the audience. Everyone expressed their confidence in enhancing the development of private education and was inspired.

    This academic report was hosted by Kunshan Science and Technology Association, Jiangsu Provincial Association of Foreign Science and Technology and Jiangsu Province Industry and Education Integration Research Association, and it was co- hosted by Silicon Lake College.