SLC held the 20th anniversary ceremony
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    At 10:18 on the morning of November 18th, the 20th anniversary celebration was held in the lobby of Dong-nan-dong. Shen Jian, former director of Jiangsu Provincial Education Department; Li Xinnan, former inspector of Ministry of Science and Technology Policy and Regulations; Gu Yuehua, Deputy Directorof Standing Committee of Suzhou Municipal People's Congress; Yuan Shouqi, Party Secretary of Jiangsu University; Li Beiqun, president of Nanjing Information Engineering University; Sheng Menglong, deputy secretary of the Working Committee of Kunshan Huaqiao Economic Development Zone; and Gao Yun, vice chairman of the Kunshan Science and Technology Association, were invited to attend the ceremony. Dr. Liang Shuncai, the founder of the school as well as an famous architect; Dr. Shi Baofeng, the chairman of SLC; Liu Zenan, the vice chairman; Shi Baochang, the director of the Board; president Li Lianshui; Fan Ming, party secretary of SLC; Wang Guicheng, the executive vice president of SLC; vice president Zhang Qi and Liu Ronggui, representatives of Alumni from all over the country, representatives from other colleges and universities, representatives of cooperative enterprises, representatives of well-known media,as well as its teachers and students gathered together to celebrate the 20th anniversary. The celebration party was presided over by Fan Ming, Party secretary of SLC.

    At the beginning of the meeting, Secretary Fan Ming first expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the distinguished guests who had spared the time from the busy schedule. Subsequently, the principal Li Lianshui gave a welcome speech. In President Li’s speech, he overlooked the history of SLC’ development, the unique characteristics for school-running as well as the achievements that SLC has gained in the past twenty years. President Li also said that facing the new situation of the "13th Five-Year Plan", SLC would fully implement the party's education policy, fully implement the fundamental tasks of cultivating the talents with high moral, adhere to the purpose of serving the society as well as the public welfare, and stick to the road of combining production with education, adhere to educational position of "based on Kunshan, serving Suzhou, and radiating the Yangtze River Delta", to make SLC to be a well-known, high-level applied undergraduate colleges.

    Then, Shen Jian, form director of Jiangsu Provincial Education Department delivered a speech. In his speech, he fully confirmed the achievements that SLC has gained in the past 20 years; and hope that Silicon Lake will take this 20th anniversary as an opportunity, strengthen its conviction, innovate constantly, explore the characteristics of talent cultivation, improve the quality of personnel training, enhance the level of running schools, run a university that people are satisfied with, and better serve local economic growth. .

    Sheng Menglong, deputy director of the Party Working Committee of Huaqiao Economic Development Zone, pointed out that SLC has developed a road of private education with its own characteristics in the past 20 years, and has trained nearly 30,000 applied talents, including Nearly 50% of graduates are employed in Suzhou and Kunshan, which have provided strong talent support for the high-quality development of Kunshan and Huaqiao; and hope that SLC will stand at the new starting point of high-quality development in the new era, take the opportunity to sail again, and cultivate talents wholeheartedly, build an international innovation port for Huaqiao with high standards, and promote a new leap in high-quality development. Huaqiao goverment will continue to support the innovation and development of the SLC, and work together to create a better future.

    Su Yinan, secretary of the Party Committee of Suzhou Vocational College of Economics and Trade, delivered a speech as a representative of brother universities. He said that Silicon Lake has cultivated nearly 30,000 outstanding technical talents for the society with a high sense of social responsibility and mission in the past 20 years; and firmly believed that in the future Silicon Lake will definitely have a great role in serving the national strategy, training talents, as well as serving the local economy.

    At the meeting, Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology signed a cooperation agreement with Silicon Lake College. Suzhou Branchof Industrial and Commercial Bank of China signed a cooperation agreement with Silicon Lake College, and held the unveiling ceremony for “Youth Financial Experience Center” in SLC. Kunshan Power Stencil Co.Ltd. and Shanghai Xixiang Co.Ltd. donated sets of teaching equipment to SLC, worth 2.8 million yuan and 0.48 million yuan respectively). Eight enterprises from Silicon Valley of USA signed cooperation agreements with Silicon Lake College.

    Later, Qi Conglin, assistant to the president, delivered his speech as a teacher representative, he said that as an "old Silicon Lake people", he saw every step of the school from the beginning of its establishment to the present, the 20th anniversary is a new starting point, and he believed in all teachers and students will definitely write a new chapter in the future!

    Then, Dr. Shi Baofeng, the chairman of the board, presented the honorary certificate to 14 outstanding teachers.

    Liu Danyi, a student representative, made a speech and presented a souvenir to Dr. Shi Baofeng on behalf of all students in SLC. 

    Mr. Xu Zhun, Vice President of Zhejiang Shenlian Group, spoke as a representative of the alumni and presented souvenirs to the founder of the school, Mr. Liang Shuncai.

    Finally, Mr. Liang Shuncai delivered a speech. In his speech, he expressed his thanks to everyone who have made contributions to the development of SLC; and  Mr. Liang also said that “to be the Silicon Lake people one day, to be the Silicon Lake people the whole life”, and the future of Silicon Lake will certainly be more brilliant, will meet again in the next 20 years!