Looking forward and Starting again ---The Meeting of all Middle-level Administrators
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    On December 5, the meeting of all middle-level administrators of the school was solemnly held in Dongshan Hotel, Suzhou. Dr. Liang Shuncai, the founder and honorary chairman of the school, Dr. Shi Baofeng, Chairman of the board attended the meeting. Li Lianshui, President of the school, Fan Ming, Secretary of the Party Committee, Wang Guicheng, Deputy President,  Vice Schoolmaster, Zhang Qi and Liu Ronggui, and all middle-level administrators attended the meeting, which was presided by Liu Zenan, Vice Chairman of the school board.

    At the meeting, Chairman Shi Baofeng made a speech on the school’s reform and future development. She said that in the past 20 years, Silicon Lake has adhered to the concept of "cultivating entrepreneurial talents for the future" and gone through many ups and downs. At present, the school is in an important period of transformation, reform and development. In order to achieve leapfrogging and realize our original dream, it is necessary to give full play to the advantages of the private system, to deepen the integration of production and education, to work out the new road of private schools in China to cultivate talents to serve group strategy, to meet the demands of enterprises and our community.  Chairman Shi also stressed that all the school staff should unite in thinking and hang together with full confidence to fulfill our dream, to implement paramilitary management and make our students succeed in their future career.

    President Li Lianshui made a report on the plan of "the reform of the teaching mode for entrepreneurial talents".  From four aspects—intramural discussion on the orientation of entrepreneurial talents, reorientation of the crucial parts in cultivating entrepreneurial talents, the organizational guarantee mechanism and the evaluation mechanism for cultivating entrepreneurial talents, President Li proposed the action plan of "re-emancipating our minds, re-starting of Silicon Lake".  He pointed out that our school should take "integration of producing and learning, enhancing morality, cultivating entrepreneurial talents" as the core idea, emancipate ourselves from the thinking pattern of "integration of production and education", from the single training plan, and from the traditional teaching mode of indoctrination.  He required that the teachers should be transformed into double-professional, compound and entrepreneurial talents to train the students’ entrepreneurial awareness, entrepreneurial skills and entrepreneurial aspirations.

    Fan Ming, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the school, made a speech to reaffirm the idea of Shi Baofeng.  He said all the Silicon Lakers should remember our original aspiration and look forward to the future.  “The Party Committee of the school will firmly support the board’s decision and the teaching reform plan.  All the party members would unite in thinking, hang together, innovate new methods to promote the reform.” Fan Ming pledged.   He also called on all the staff to unify their thoughts in emancipating the minds and in practical work, think twice before taking action.  He believed that the blueprint drawn by the board for Silicon Lake College would surely become a beautiful reality.

    Finally, Chairman Liang Shuncai delivered a touching and significant speech. Mr. Liang said that the original intention of establishing Silicon Lake was to enable more students to receive higher education, to train more innovative and entrepreneurial talents for the society, and to build Silicon Lake into an international and forward-looking university. Over the past two decades, the development of Silicon Lake has gone through several storms, but the Silicon Lakers have always been tenacious, full of confidence and hope, and never given up.  He pointed out this reform campaign is for the future of all Silicon Lakers.  “At the critical moment, ‘the final ball’ requires all Silicon Lakers’ close cooperation and joint efforts.” He said.   He believed Silicon Lake would fly higher and farther with the efforts of its staff.

    During the meeting, all the attendants had a heated discussion on ideological emancipation and the action plan.