the Science & Technology Business Association for Overseas Chinese in German Visited SLC
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    On the morning of December 4th,2018, Dr. Zhu Bing, the Vice President of Business Association for German Chinese  paid a visit to our school as invited. Vice President Liu Ronggui received him on behalf of our school in the conference room on the 9th floor of the Administration Building with the attendance of the deans including Xue Shengjun from Computer Science & Technology Department, Ge Ruhai from Automobile Engineering Department, Vice Dean Zhang Sheng form Electromechanic Engineering College plus Deputy Qu Saiying and Deputy Director Jiang Yong from International Cooperation & Communication Department.

    To start with, Vice President Liu Ronggui made an introduction to our guest about our ideas of education, our glorious history, our teaching staff, our subjects& majors, as well as our advantages and features of talent cultivation. He also displayed our conception  of future development. The deans present also gave their respective description about the characteristics of their subjects, the facilities for experiments and training, and graduates’ employment prospect, etc.

    Vice President Zhu Bing made a general introduction to the Science & Technology Business Association for German Chinese.  According to what he revealed, the association , established by some high-end Chinese technologists who are working and living in German, is dedicated to promoting cooperation and development between China and Germany in the fields of industry, science & technology and commerce, since its members include those having doctor’s degrees and work or entrepreneurship experience in German enterprises. The association is not only a hatching machine for fostering entrepreneurship and innovation projects for Chinese people in Germany, but also a bridge connecting German enterprises and Chinese markets. Besides, it is also a beachhead attracting and serving Chinese corporations to invest and innovate offshore in Germany. Meanwhile, it is a high-end information service organization and international think-tank concerning hi-tech, industry and commerce to provide strategic information service for Chinese and German governments and  their enterprises.

    Then both sides had a further discussion about the concerns in the future cooperation. As is needed in the cooperation, both sides drafted an agreement in the fields as follows:

    1.     Set up a Sino-German Manufacturing College.

    2.     Set up a Sino-German Industrial Robots Training College at Silicon Lake University.

    3.     Set up a Sino-German Offline Simulation Laboratory at Silicon Lake University.

    4.     Set up a training center for AHK faculty.

    5.     Promote the cooperation between our school and German vocational & technical schools.

    6.     Arrange teachers from Silicon Lake University to have short-term training in Germany.

    7.     Introduce German digital textbooks.

    8.     Invite German experts of vocational and technical education to deliver academic lessons or lectures at our school.

    9.     Promote the development of the think-tank of Kunshan Science Association.

    In the afternoon, our Vice President Liu Ronggui along with other heads of secondary colleges escorted President Zhu in the inspection of our Engineering and Training Center as well as the Automobile Training Center. President Zhu was amazed at the experiment and training facilities of our school with the belief that the domestic hardware equipment in the fields of AI, industrial automation, and Big Data has achieved advanced international standards. And both sides are looking forward to future cooperation.