The Campaign of Excellent Teaching Plans was Held
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    The campaign of excellent teaching plans was held at the new Conference Hall on the afternoon of November 28th, 2018.  President Shi Baofeng, along with the Deputy President Wang Guicheng, the Deputy President  Zhang Qi and Liu Ronggui, the Director Cao Jianqing from the Undergraduate Establishment Office and heads from all the secondary colleges attended the campaign as judges and all the faculty were present as audiences.

    Before the campaign started,  President Shi Baofeng delivered a speech, in which she reviewed the hard way our school had gone through, analyzed the situation we are in nowadays, reckoned the breakout of our present bottlenecks and made resolutions on creating an irreplaceable Silicon Lake characteristic pattern through reform. Meanwhile, she called on all the faculty to get involved in the reform and forge ahead in common development.

    The campaign was carried out in the form of showing the design and delivery of some language points presented one by one by 15 teachers including Ms. Du Yufen.  And the winners were rewarded according to the average grades given by the judges.  

    Deputy President Wang Guicheng concluded the campaign by proposing the direction of our teaching reform in the future and encouraging all the faculty to get prepared for the following challenges since this campaign was just a starting ceremony for the next step towards teaching reform.
           One first prize, two second prizes and six third prizes were awarded in the campaign. The first prize went to Lu Xiaojuan from the Philosophy & Social Sciences Department. The second prize winners included Zhang Li from Business Management Department, and Zhu Huihui from Children’s Development Department. And the six third prizes were presented respectively to Hu ligui from Business Management, Gou Jinyi from the Department of Basic Courses, Huang Tao from the Computer Department, Jiang Xiang and Zhong Jufang from Culture & Creativity Department, and Du Yufen from Construction & Engineering Department.