Students of SLC have won the 1st Prize
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    The late November news came from the Remote Competition in the Final of Zhixin Joint Innovation Cup of Cross-Border E-Commerce that our team , named Amazing My King, including three E-Commerce majors- YE Weikai, ZHENG Yueyue and CHEN Kexin at the guidance of Ms. TANG Xiaoyan and Ms. YAN Qin, has brought honor to our school by winning the first prize.

    The competition was jointly held by Teaching Director of economic & trade majors in colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education and the Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.  

    With the theme of cross-border e-commerce export, the competition falls into two groups: the actual practice and simulated practice. It was carried out in the way of remote competition and required all competitors to log in the server provided by the executive committee for participation.

    In the first round, 144 teams survived the simulated practice group and 16 survived the actual. Our team got shortlisted in the national finals in the simulated group. And all together in the simulated group ,54 first awards ,59 second awards as well as 31 third awards were selected. 

    For the purpose of promoting teaching and learning,this competition not only provided students an access to a great deal of knowledge and skills concerning shop running in cross-border e-commerce but also stimulated E-commerce majors’ passion in entrepreneurship and innovation.