SLC Signed a Contract with Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology
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    At the celebration ceremony held on the 18th November, SLC signed a cooperation agreement with Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology. The Executive Vice President Wang Guicheng signed a contract with Xie Yonghua, the president of the Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology

    Founded in 1918 by Mr. Huang Yanpei, Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology is one of the first national model higher vocational colleges and one of the best high vocational colleges in the country. Focusing on the idea of “creating model, taking platform, wide cooperation and developing together”, the school adheres to the advantages of complementarity, mutual benefit, and creates a community of deep cooperation between schools and enterprises. Innovate the "technical alliance" type in the intelligent manufacturing professional cluster, innovate the "collaborative service" in the information technology professional cluster, innovate the "international companion" in the electromechanical brand specialty. Relying on the University Scientific and Technical park and the national policy of "Double-innovation the Institute has explored a “double-invasive incubator”-style cooperation model. In 2017, it cooperated with enterprises to develop 672 courses, and gave training for 2,530 people. At the same time, the school has two provincial and municipal skill appraisal centers, and undertakes the skills appraisal task of more than ten types of work from intermediate workers to senior technicians, and identifies more than 3,000 people each year. In addition, the school also actively introduces international talent training standards, and several majors cooperate with the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry Overseas Chamber of Commerce (AHK) to research internationally and continuously improve the level of talent training.

    The signing of the contract establishes the cooperative relationship between the two parties. Based on the desire of “mutual promotion and common development”, the educational resources complement each other and share resources. The contents of the agreement mainly include: building a shared faculty and promoting mutual exchange of teachers; mutual recognition of mutual elections and credits; development of professional skills training and appraisal; joint research on technical projects, collaborative research on topics; and joint construction of teaching and training bases. It is believed that cooperation with Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology. will enrich the resources of teachers, training and research, and better realize the mission of “integrating production and learning, and cultivating creative talents for the future”.