Chairlady Shi Baofeng Visited the Applied Technology College of Soochow University
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    On November 1st, Chailady Shi Baofeng, President Li Lianshui, Party Secretary Fan Ming, Executive Vice President Wang Guicheng and other school leaders went to visit Applied Technology College of Soochow University. President Fu Jufen and Party Secretary Pu Wenti gave a warm reception.

    In the conference room, President Fu Jufen briefly introduced the development concept, operation system and development history of the Applied Technology College of Soochow University and introduced the relevant situation of the construction of the “Industrial Education Integration Base”, expounding the specific measures and main achievements of the practical teaching. Looking forward to the development prospects. Then, Chairlady Shi, President Li and Part SecrearyFan successively asked questions and discussed issues with Predident Fu and Secretary Pu such as the teaching staff, teaching and research, student management, operation system and government support.

    After the exchange, accompanied by Presidnt Fu and Secreary Pu, the school leaders of the SLC inspected the Fashion Institute, ZTE School, School of Engineering and the Center for Integration of Production and Education. They watched the interactive teaching places and teachers and students' works in the field. Inspected the two production and education integration innovation bases approved by the Ministry of Education.

    Finally, Chairlady Shi said that Applied Technology College of Soochow University has a high standing, good practice and good results in the integration of production and education. It is worthy of our study and learning. SLC should increase its work plan for the integration of production and education, and strive to build more platforms and achieve better performance.