Chairlady Shi Baofeng Visited Suzhou Industrial Park Institute of Vocational Technology (IVT)
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    On November 6th, Chairlady and other School Leaders of SLC Visited Suzhou Industrial Park Institute of Vocational Technology (IVT)

    The school leaders of SLC includes President Li Lianshui and Party Secretary Fan Ming. Executive Vice President Wang Guicheng, Supervisor Gu Dinghong, Director of the Office of the President Du Zhongle, etc., Vice President of IVT, Wang Yinghai presided over the exchange forum.

    First of all, Chairlady Shi, President Li and Secretary Fang,under the guidance of President Wang, inspected the teaching and production base of the “school in the factory”, and inspected the Engineering Production Training Base, Service Outsourcing Work Base and Automobile Teaching and Training. Repair and Maintenance Base.

    In the conference room, President Wang introduced the relevant situation of the construction, operation and management of the “factory-in-a-school”, including the teaching reform concept, academic arrangement, internship planning, pre-employment and other teaching reform measures and their remarkable results. Then, the two sides discussed the issues of the faculty, teaching plan, student management, financial support and government support involved in the “Factory -in-school”.

    Finally, Chairlady Shi said that after the construction of the “Dongnandong in SLC, the Engineering Training Center and the Cultural and Creative and Modern Service Training Center, the Silicon Lake College has already established the basic conditions for the establishment of the “Factory-in -School”. SLC must learn from the success of VIT , which involves experience, overall planning. All members of SLC should carefully explore and combine with the full implementation of the credit system to promote the implementation as soon as possible.