Young Teachers Show their Ability in the Teaching Competition
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    In order to further mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers to participate in classroom teaching research and teaching reform, USL held a Young Teacher competition at the new Teaching Building A305 and A307. The 26 young teachers who participated in the competition were from all departments. They were divided into two groups: Liberal Arts and Science. The experts and professors from various disciplines served as judges. Professor Wang Guicheng, Executive Vice President, presided over the competition.

    The teaching competition of the Liberal Arts group kicked off by Ms Yang Shuhong ,an experienced teacher from the Foundation Department. Her excellent teaching organization had aroused strong resonance. Ms Zeng Yan from the School of Business Administration , with the theme of the dragon in the statue of the South East and the East Zodiac, clearly described the creative mystery of the guide words.Mr. Pan Jilong from the Children's Development school used the melodious sound of the piano to pull everyone into the children's song playing class.

    The lectures of the Science group are well organized too. Ms. She Dongcui from the School of Automotive Engineering explained the selection and matching of men's professional dresses. Mr;DengYonghua coming from the Foundation Department explained the electromagnetic induction phenomenon in detail by means of pictures.  Ms. Guo Wenxia,a teacher of the School of Architecture and Environmental Engineering, cited the classics and used the well-known proverbs as a guide to explain the close relationship between Chinese medicine harvesting and the season.

    The lectures were wonderful and the young teachers' exquisite teaching techniques and wonderful courseware production left a deep impression on everyone. It is  believe that this competition will also benefit the teachers in the future teaching and research!