A Face-to-face Meeting between the President and Students
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    On the morning of June 21, President Li Lianshui, Executive Vice President Wang Guicheng, Assistant President Zhu Liang and more than 10 student representatives held a face-to-face meeting in the Conference Room on the 6th floor, and the related department director participated in the meeting.

    President Li said that the foundation of the university lies in cultivating talents and must be based on students. Frequent face-to-face communication with students can directly hear the voices of the students, can promote the continuous improvement of various work, and promote the continuous improvement of the school level. Then, President Li introduced the history and recent key work and progress of the development of the Silicon Lake College to the students. He pointed out that the top priority of the school work this year is the promotion. The promotion involves teachers, students and all aspects.

    The attended students actively reflected their their own opinions and suggestions, including the curriculum arrangement, library opening, work-study program, activity venue, community management, canteen, medical office, etc., President Li and related departments leaders made a serious record of the students' reactions, and some of them directly explained and solved the problem. .

    Finally, President Li hopes that the students will study hard, actively exercise, and integrate into the collective, and develop and grow into talents according to the school's training plan and their own planning path.