Qingtao Energy Company Donated 7.07 million yuan of Production Equipment to SLC
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    On July 13th, the donation ceremony of teaching equipment and equipment for "integration of production, education and cooperation, and collaborative education" was held in the Report hall of "Qingtao Energy Technology Co., Ltd." in Jiangsu.  Qingtao Energy Company donated a total of 7.07 million sets of solid-state battery production equipment to the Silicon Lake College. The donation ceremony was presided over by Professor He Hongcai, Dean of Qingtao Research Institute. A number of officials attended the donation ceremony.

    Feng Taochuan, Chairman of Qingtao Company first delivered a speech. He said that Qingtao Company has been committed to the innovation of industry, university and research cooperation, promoting the industrial transformation of scientific research achievements and innovative technologies in universities, and creating a new material industry ecology with the core of "Qingtao Development". The innovation and entrepreneurship incubation system will promote the development of China's new energy high-tech industry and the improvement of independent innovation capability. The donation to the Silicon Lake College is of great significance.  First, the company hopes to use the latest production equipment to guide students internships and make them grow into potential employees. Second, the donated equipment is the entrepreneurial equipment for the establishment of Qingtao Company, which has special meanings and hopes to stimulate the enthusiasm of teachers and students for innovation and entrepreneurship.

    President Li Lianshui expressed gratitude to Qingtao Company for its donation. He pointed out that Qingtao Company is rooted in the research and cultivation of Tsinghua University and has the top domestic scientific research and technical strength. It not only has outstanding achievements in scientific research innovation and transformation of results, but also focuses on talent pooling and talent cultivation, actively participate in the integration of production and education, and educate people. They are willing to donate equipment, provide conditions and participate in personnel training in the process of cooperation with universities. It is an excellent enterprise with strategic vision and social responsibility.

    At the meeting, Dr. Li Wei, General Manager of Qingtao Energy Company, donated equipment to the Executive Vice President Wang Guicheng. At the donation ceremony, President Li Lianshui awarded the appointment letter of the Adjunct Professor of the Silicon Lake College to Li Wei, General Manager of Qingtao Company, and He Yucai, Dean of the Institute.

    It is believed that the integration of the production and teaching of the Silicon Lake College and the Qingtao Company will surely bring out the sweet fruits of talent cultivation and innovation and entrepreneurship!