SLC holds a New Semester Faculty Meeting
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    On the morning of29th  August the faculty and staff meeting was held in the new teaching building A104.

    President Li Lianshui, Party Secretary Fan Ming, Executive Vice President Wang Guicheng, Vice President Zhang Qi and Liu Ronggui attended the meeting. All faculty and staff attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Fan Ming, secretary of the party committee.

    President Li Lianshui first reported the progress and achievements of the 2017-2018 school year. He pointed out that under the strong leadership of the board of directors, with the joint efforts of all,SLC had achieved great development. President Li conducted a summary analysis of the ten aspects of learning and understanding national policies, implementing the details of the creation of indicators, strengthening the construction of teaching staff, promoting teaching, scientific research, integration of production and education, student work, and improving organizational structure and rules and regulations. Then, based on the decision-making opinions of the board of directors, President Li explained the main points of the school year. He pointed out that schools should constantly improve their creative work and fully meet the requirements of applied undergraduate colleges; continue to consolidate professional infrastructure, adhere to the task of cultivating qualified personnel, promote reform of teaching innovation, comprehensively strengthen scientific research, and optimize Teachers team to create better development performance.

    Party Secretary Fan Ming conveyed the spirit of the first meeting of the fourth board of directors of the school and the spirit of the provincial university leaders. He emphasized that the board of directors is the highest decision-making body of the school. We must resolutely implement the resolution of the board of directors. In the spirit of the provincial leaders meeting, he pointed out that colleges and universities are the main front for cultivating outstanding talents, the new force to promote the development of science and technology, the think tank to serve the government's decision-making, and strengthen the party building in colleges and universities, which is conducive to better serving Jiangsu's economic development. High-quality development of reform, opening up, urban and rural construction, cultural construction, ecological environment, and people's life. Finally, Mr. Fan put forward requirements for the preparations for new semester and care for the new teachers.