Grand New Military Training Summary Conference and Opening ceremony was Held in SLC
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    At 15:00 on September 20th, 2018 new military training summary meeting and opening ceremony was held in the playground of the new campus. Dr. Shi Baofeng, Chairman of the School, Li Feng, Head of the 2018 New Military Training Group, Professor Li Lianshui,  Presiden of SLC, Professor Fanming  Secretary of the Party Committee, Professor Wang Guicheng, Executive Vice President, Professor Zhang Qi Vice President ,Professor Liu Ronggui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Gu Dinghong, Assistant Principal Zhu Liang and all the functional departments, the leaders of the secondary colleges (departments), and the instructors of the 2018 new military training group attended the meeting. Executive Vice President Wang Guicheng presided over the meeting.

    The 2018 Newborn Military Training Summary Conference kicked off in the solemn national anthem. After the flag-raising ceremony, President Li Lianshui accompanied the head of the military training group Li Feng to review the new military training phalanx. Then, the 18 military training squads formed by the freshmen of the colleges performed wonderful performances. They were full of spirits, well-trained, rigorous and motivated, reflecting the spirit of not being afraid of hardship,  not afraid of danger, and bravely moving forward.

    Subsequently, the Executive Vice President Wang Guicheng claimed the “Decision on the 2018 Military Training Advanced Camp and Individuals of the Silicon Lake Vocational and Technical College”, and the leader of the podium awarded medals to the award-winning advanced collectives and individuals.

    In his speech, the head of the 2018 military training regiment Li Feng said that although the military training life is short-lived, it is very memorable.He hope that the new students can use the excellent quality and tenacity learned by the military training to use in the future study and life, and constantly remind themselves and improve. Improve yourself, enrich yourself, and overcome difficulties and thorns with a strong will and unyielding spirit.

    In his speech at the opening ceremony of the new students, President Li Lianshui first expressed his warm welcome to the 2018 freshmen on behalf of the school board, school leaders and all the teachers and students of the school! He thought highly of the wonderful performance of the students Then, he proposed three hopes to share with the 2018 freshmen: First, he hopes that the students will remember the school motto of responsibility and honor, and be a noble person. Second,he hopes that the students will continue to learn, persist in exercise, and be physically strong and continuous. The people who are ahead; the third is to hope that the students will obey the law, be strict with themselves, and be a self-disciplined and fully developed person.

    Finally, Wang Guicheng, the executive vice president, said that he hopes that the 2018 freshmen will study hard, be determined to become talents, and create new glory in life!