Professors from Eastern Kentucky University Visited SLC
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    On the morning of July 4, 2018,  the school leaders of SLC met the professors frfim he  Eastern Kentucky University. President Li Lianshui and Vice President Liu Ronggui met Prof.  Quan Donghuiin and Prof. Zhang Chengyi.the conference room of the Administration Building. Prof.Quan is a full professor of Eastern Kentucky University and Prof.Zhang is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineering, an honorary member of the American Architectural Engineering Management Honor Society.  

    Vice President Liu Ronggui presided over the meeting. Dean Zhang Minli from the School of Architecture and Environmental Engineering and Director Qu Saiying from the International Cooperation and Exchange Office attended the meeting.

    President Li Lianshui  introduced the advantages and characteristics of our school's mission, glorious history, faculty, disciplines, and personnel training, and demonstrated the future development of our school, especially the prospect of internationalization of education. President Li pointed out that the internationalization of education is an important way to improve the school-running level of our school. It is one of the key points of our school's future work. It also proposes three cooperation intentions with Eastern Kentucky University.Vice President Liu introduced the measures taken by the school board and school leaders to attach importance to international cooperation in running schools and encourage cooperation in running schools. It is believed that this meeting will promote multi-faceted cooperation between the two universities. Prof. Quan Donghui introduced the rankings and characteristics of the disciplines of Eastern Kentucky University and related majors in the United States, and introduced the main practices of the school's international cooperation. Professor Zhang Chengyi introduced the status and achievements of the Engineering Management profession in Kentucky and the current cooperation and effectiveness with other universities in China. Then, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on joint academic lectures and forums, teacher training and scientific research cooperation, and focused on the cooperation prospects of engineering management In the afternoon, Deputy Director Dai Guomei from,the Academic Affairs Office also attended the discussion.

    After the meeting, President Li Lianshui accompanied the guests to visit the  Cultural and Creative Industry Park.