Professor from the University of Maryland, USA, was Invited to SLC for Academic Report
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    On October 17, 2018, Dr. Wang Chunsheng, a full professor of the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Maryland, was invited to visit our school for the first lecture on the 20th Anniversary of the SLC. President Li Lianshui and Vice President Wang Guicheng warmly received experts from afar. Dean Wang Cuntang, Dean of School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Dean Zhang Minli, School of Architecture and Environmental Engineering, Director Du Zhongle of the President's Office, and Director Qu Saiying of the International Cooperation and Cooperation Office attended the reception.

    Vice President Wang Guicheng and the heads of relevant secondary colleges accompanied Professor Wang to inspect the experimental teaching and training base of the school, and introduced Professor Wang Chunsheng to the current disciplines, personnel training and scientific research of the university.

    After the visit, Professor Wang Chunsheng gave an academic report entitled “Advanced Materials for Li-ion batteries” in the Report hall of Vice President Wang Guicheng presided over the report meeting, which attracted hundreds of teachers and students from the relevant secondary colleges. The entire hall was packed.

    Professor Wang Chunsheng introduced a series of current research results of his team based on his water-based lithium-ion battery and all-solid-state battery, including: (1) for lithium-ion batteries, sodium-ion batteries, zinc-ion batteries, and magnesium ions. Advanced battery materials such as batteries and supercapacitors; (2) high energy density lithium batteries and lithium sulfur batteries; (3) improving the safety performance of lithium ion batteries; (4) opportunities and challenges of Li/S batteries and Li/FeF3 batteries (5) high energy density Li/Fe0.9M0.1OF battery; (6) water-based lithium ion battery "water-in-salt" electrolyte; (7) single material all solid state battery; (8) flexible and durable lithium ion Battery, etc. Later in the report, Professor Wang and the teachers and students had a lively exchange and discussion. The teachers and students present at the scene expressed their benefits.

    Professor Wang is a full professor in the Department of chemistry and biochemistry at the university of Maryland. He is an associate editor of ACS Applied Energy Materials. He received PHD in materials Sciences& Engineering from Zhejiang university, China in 1995. Prior to joining University of Maryland in 2007, he was an assistant professor in Department of Chemical Engineering at Tennessee Technological University in 2003-2007 and a research scientist in the Center for Electrochemical System and Hydrogen Research at Texas A&M University in 1998-2003.

    His research focuses on rechargeable batteries and fuel cells. He has published more than 200 papers in peer-reviewed journals including Science, nature Materials, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature chemistry, Nature Communications His work has been cited more than 11700 times with H-index of 58, wang is the recipient of the A. James Clark School of Engineering Junior Faculty outstanding Research Award in the University of Maryland in 2013, and winner of UMD’s invention of the Year for 2015.