Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Education, Wang Chengbin, Visited SLC
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    At 2:00 pm on November 5th, Deputy Director Wang Chengbin of the Provincial Department of Education visited our school. The school president Prof. Li Lianshui, Party Secretary Fan Ming, Executive Vice President Wang Guicheng, Vice President Zhang Qi, Liu Ronggui and related functional department leaders attended the reception. .The symposium was presided over by Fan Ming, secretary of the Party committee.

    On behalf of Chairman Shi Baofeng and the representative school, Prof. Fan Ming first extended a warm welcome to President Wang. President Li Lianshui reported to the director of the school about the work of the school. President Li said that the Silicon Lake College is determined to keep up with the initial needs, and to focus on regional transformation and upgrading, economic and social development needs to run schools, to adapt to the optimization of regional higher education layout structure, to run schools, and to meet the healthy development of private colleges and universities. The school actively explores the scientific management path of private colleges and universities, adheres to the school-running philosophy of “integrating production and learning, and establishing talents”, and adheres to the road of mutual learning between China and foreign countries, the road of integration of production and education, and the road of love and education. In the new era, the new goal, Silicon Lake will comprehensively enhance the connotation of running a school, build an "irreplaceable" professional group, and enhance the school's core competitiveness and social reputation.

    Finally, Deputy Director Wang Chengbin delivered a speech. He said that the Silicon Lake is closely related to the strategic objectives, with clear planning and design features, complete infrastructure, clear development ideas, and full motivation of teachers and students. Deputy Director Wang stressed that Silicon Lake should give full play to its advantages, highlighting its geographical advantages and the advantages of private schools, adhering to flexible school-enterprise cooperation, and carrying out in-depth integration of production and education. At the same time, the school should thoroughly plan the financial elements and talent elements, and strengthen the construction of the teaching staff. The school should be based on the long-term, do a good job of connotation construction, do a good job in the construction of special highlights, polish the brand, and strive to move toward the goal.

    Secretary Fan Ming expressed sincere gratitude to Deputy Director Wang Chengbin for his encouragement and encouragement. He said that the guidance of Deputy Director Wang on connotation construction, special professional construction and long-term construction will definitely benefit the future development of Silicon Lake.

    President Li Lianshui said that Silicon Lake College will follow the guidance of Director Wang, full of confidence, take advantage of the situation, make good plans, and fully use the mechanism of living and private to promote the construction of the school and make the Silicon Lake move to a higher platform.

    Before the symposium, the school leaders accompanied Wang Chengbin, deputy director, to visit the school engineering training center, library, automobile engineering training center and cultural creativity and modern service training center and took a group photo.