Professor Fang Xin from the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Visited our School
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    On October 19th, Prof. Fang Xin, a member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and the former deputy secretary of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited our college. President Li Lianshui, supervisor Gu Dinghong and other school leaders accompanied the inspection.

    Prof. Fang Xin had an inspection of the “Cultural Creativity and Modern Service Training Center” and listened to President Li’s introduction to the nature of the school, the results of running a school and the characteristics of running a school. Ms Fang thinks highly of SLC’s orientation of “ Quality cultivation and the combination of work and study and cultivation creative talents for the future”. She said that 20 years ago, it was a great idea to start such a school, and hopes to make more achievements in the future.

    On the fourth floor of the  Children's Development Education Exhibition, she carefully inspected and watched various kinds of children's education training and display sections, Ms Fang was deeply impressed by the “Paper Culture Education Demonstration Zone”, “Children's Teaching Experience Zone”, and “Ma Shao Culture Exhibition Zone”. "I am very interested. She said that she had been to many universities across the country, and some famous vocational colleges in the past but she  had not seen any teaching and training bases like the Silicon Lake College, which integrates the process of the system and complete knowledge. The vivid teaching scene of education and practical skills training is very distinctive. It should be strengthened and displayed. The teaching model of the Silicon Lake College is worth promoting.

    Accompanied by President Li and Secretary Gu, Prof. Fang inspected the campus architecture and environment. She praised the beauty of the campus buildings. She also said that she directly participated in the legislative process of the National Private Education Promotion Law. From top to bottom, there is great expectation for the development of private education. Legislation is to promote the government and all sectors to pay more attention to and support the development of private education from the legal level. She said that she will help introduce SLC within her ability and to give support to the development of SLC to a higher level of innovation.