Good news: SLC won the third prize of the competition of logistics management skills
    Source:Silicon Lake College | Author: | Date:2017/03/17 | Views:

    From March 10th to March 12nd 2017, the competition of logistics management skills for higher vocational colleges in Jiangsu, hosted by Jiangsu Education Department, was held in Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology. The team of SLC won the third prize of Jiangsu division with the good performance. Students from 43 higher vocational colleges participated in the competition. SLC chose four students of logistics management major to participate in the competition; the team was led by teacher Zhanng Li. Teacher Li Xiuli co-guided the competition.

    The competition was conducted in the terms of team; it consisted two sections: design of modern logistics operation plan and the implementation of logistics operation plan, which were arranged in different time and different competition area. After the completion of two sections’ competition, the experts introduced the development of relevant industries and made comments on the technical points, players’ performance and competition process.

    The competition process showed players’ professional qualities on organizing management, cooperating with professional team, analyzing and coping with on-site problems, working efficiency, the control of quality and management, and safety and civilization in production; and comprehensively assessed the players' professional ability.