The delegation of Wuxi South Ocean College visited SLC and exchanged experience
    Source:Silicon Lake College | Author: | Date:2017/03/17 | Views:

    On March 16th, the delegation of Wuxi South Ocean College, led by Zhou Xiaoxing, President of Wuxi South Ocean College, visited SLC and exchanged experience. Liu Zenan, President of SLC; Gu DInghong, Party Secretary of SLC; Du Zhongle, Director of President's Office; Cao Jianqing, Director of Academic Administration Office; and Shi Shuoxin, Director of Inspection Office had a meeting with the members of the delegation.

    In the meeting, President Liu Zenan delivered welcome speech to the delegation on behalf of SLC. Secretary Gu made an introduction of the credit system and the reform of flexible credit system from the following five aspects: the concept of three-service of Chairman Liang Shuncai; the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents; the self-selection rights for students; the platform of production, study and innovation; the reform of evaluation methods and the salary system of teachers.

    Zhou Xiaoxing, on behalf of Wuxi South Ocean College, thanked for the warm reception of SLC, and gave a brief account of the purpose of the investigation and communication; and made a thorough exchange and the discussion on the credit system, students’ management and course curriculums.

    The visiting of fraternal college further expanded SLC’s external influence and promoted the development of SLC to a new level.