The Students’ Affairs Office held the skills training for counselors
    Source:Silicon Lake College | Author: | Date:2017/03/17 | Views:

    At 3:00 March 16th, to improve counselors’ managerial competence on students’ affairs, the Students’ Affairs Office held the skills training for all counselors. The lecturer for the training was Wang Huan, the Assistant of Students’ Affairs from the Department of Civil Engineering. The theme of her lecture was the daily work of the counselors.

    Wang Huan took the different grades as the main thread, unfolded her lecture with the different work in different grades; for example, in Grade 1, counselors should help students to lay solid foundation and set goals; in Grade 2, counselors should ensure stability and promote development.; in Grade 3, counselors should help students get be employed and strive for their personal development. She talked about ten qualities for counselors by combing with her own working experience.

    After the training, teacher Chen Jianlong shared his experience of attending the Sixth Professional Skills for Counselors in Jiangsu Higher Learning Institutes with all counselors. He gave a detailed explanation from the written test, theme class meeting, case analysis, keynote speech and a heart-to-heart talk, etc.

    Finally, Yang Xiaowen, director of Students’ Affairs Office, made the comments. He required all counselors should apply the relevant knowledge into the practical students’ management and find the shortcomings in the work, make a remedy for the weakness in the management, and achieve common progress and common improvement.