The representatives of SLC’s Alumni Association got back to college to attend the conversazione
    Source:Silicon Lake College | Author: | Date:2017/03/24 | Views:

    In the afternoon of March 23rd, at the invitation of SLC, the responsible person of Suzhou (Kunshan) alumni association and the responsible person of alumni association in other areas got together in SLC.

    After visiting the campus, they attended the conversazione. The conversazione was presided over by Qin Yu, director of Department of the party and the masses affairs.

    In the meeting, Gu Dinghong, Party Secretary of SLC, expressed warmly welcome to the representatives of SLC’s Alumni Association, and thanked them for their years contributions to the development of SLC. Secretary Gu stressed that although the history of SLC is less than 20 years, there are many influential distinguished alumni. The alumni from different areas had a tentative attempt on the cooperation between enterprises and college; professional construction and personnel exchange. Secretary Gu wished that SLC could have a deeper communication and cooperation with Alumni Association on the professional construction, subject research, the construction of teaching resource and construction of experimental training platform.

    Huang Hao, chairman of Alumni Association made a report on the latest working plan of the Alumni Association, and proposed the conceive of jointly set up innovative and entrepreneurial industrial park with SLC; to make contributions on the fields of students’ employment, internship and practical training, patented invention and subject research.

    In the conversazione, the alumni aired their views freely, looked back their youth life in the college, talked about the friendship between teachers and students, reported their latest conditions of study and work.