The Introductory Session for Policy of Conscription of 2017 was Held in SLC
    Source:Silicon Lake College | Author: | Date:2017/03/28 | Views:

    In order to respond to the call of national conscription work, to actively carry out the spirit of the conscription conference, to stimulate the enthusiasm of college students to join the army, and to ensure the quality and quantity of this year's conscription task, in the afternoon of March 22nd, the introductory session for policy of conscription of 2017 was held in SLC. Students who have notion of join in the army and their counselors attended the meeting.

    In the introductory session, Major Li Xiaopo, staff officer of Military Section of Kunshan Municipal Department of People's Armed Forces, gave a detailed gave a detailed introduction of relevant regulations and preferential policies for college students to join the army from the following aspects: economic income, academic circumstance, future prospects and five achievements gained in the army; and answered students’questions.

    After the introductory session, the Students’ Affairs Office (The People's Armed Forces Office) took advantage with the propaganda scroll, we chat platform, QQ group and pamphlet on conscription policy to further publicize the conscription policy to students.

    Students' sense of responsibility, honor and mission of fulfilling the duty of military service according to law have been aroused, students’ enthusiasm of devoting oneself to national defense and joining army have been stimulated.