The primary militia of SLC attended the inspection of primary militia
    Source:Silicon Lake College | Author: | Date:2017/05/04 | Views:

    In the afternoon of April 26th, 40 primary militia of militia contingent in SLC attended the 2017 inspection of primary militia in Huaqiao Economic Development Zone, which was held in Huaqiao Expo Center.

    The inspection meeting began in the majestic song of Military Anthem for Chinese people's Liberation Army. The military division of the department of the people's armed force made a roll call of the primary militia of SLC. The primary militia of SLC dressed neatly with spirit and energy, team in neat formation and strict discipline. Xie Zhaoxun, assistant to director of Students’ Affairs Office and the armed officer, led all the primary militia to make the oath.

    In the meeting, Li Jianying, vice director of Administrative Committee of Development Zone, gave a lecture on the national defense to all the primary militia, required all militia should have a clear recognition of the situation, enhance the sense of responsibility, conscientiously perform their duties, be prepared for danger in times of peace, build a consciousness of urgency, enhance awareness of national defense, with good political affiliation and enthusiasm actively involved in all areas of work.

    In the end, Yin Shanqi, director of Department of the people's armed force and Standing Committee of Kunshan Municipal Committee, made a sum-up of the inspection, spoke highly of the work of people's armed forces in SLC. The meeting ended in the resonant song of The Song of the Chinese Militia.

    The activities has not only broaden the scope of national defense knowledge for the primary militia of SLC, but also enhanced militia’s competence of participating in military training and major activities.