SLC’s Employment Work Has Successfully Passed the Inspection of Jiangsu Education Department
    Source:Silicon Lake College | Author: | Date:2017/06/02 | Views:

    On June 1st 2017, Inspection Team on Employment and Entrepreneurship of Jiangsu Education Department visited SLC, and made a comprehensive inspection of the employment and entrepreneurship of SLC, especially the employment and entrepreneurship for the graduates in the latest three years.

    The inspection team was made up with four experts, Professor Hou Wenhua, vice president of Jiangsu University Of Technology; Professor Wang Zhifeng, vice president of Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Commerce; Professor Wang Xianfang, deputy dean of Students’ Affairs Office of Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology and professor Xie Fang, deputy dean of Students’ Affairs Office of Jiangsu University Of Technology. Zhu Xiulin, president of SLC; Gu Dinghong, Party Secretary of SLC; Qi Conglin, vice president of SLC; Gao Yeshen, Director of Employment (Cooperation between School and Enterprises) Office; Cao Jianqing, Director of Academic Administration Office; Yang Xiaowen, Director of Students’ Affairs Office; Du Zhongle, Director of President's Office; Qin Yu, Director of Party and Masses’ Affairs Office; Shi Shuoxin, Director of Inspection Office; Dai Guomei, Deputy Director of Academic Administration Office and related personnel of all departments who were responsible for the employment and Entrepreneurship attended the debriefing meeting.

    Professor Hou Wenhua, chief inspector of the inspection team, presided over the meeting. President Zhu Xiulin, on behalf of SLC, made a welcome speech to the inspection team, and earnestly requested the four experts could give some guidance on SLC’s work, especially the work of employment and entrepreneurship. Secretary Gu Dinghong made the report entitled with Self-examination Reporting of Employment and Entrepreneurship Work for 2017 Graduates in SLC, which covered the following aspects: basic information of SLC; the general condition of employment and entrepreneurship for graduates of SLC; the main methods and experiences of graduates' employment and entrepreneurship; the effective management of employment and entrepreneurship; the achievements we have got as well as the existing problems and difficulties. Mr Gu’s report has been fully affirmed by all experts of the inspection team.

    After listening to the report, Professor Hou Wenhua fully affirmed the achievements SLC had obtained in the work of employment and entrepreneurship for graduates; and was deeply impressed by the concept of running school the development process of the SLC. He said that SLC’s educational characteristics are unique, and would be promoted in other colleges. Professor Wang Zhifeng was satisfied with the work of employment and entrepreneurship for graduates, and raised some questions on the enrollment and employment, employment and personnel training, funds on employment and school-running; Secretary Gu Dinghong, vice president Qi Conglin, Director Gao Yeshen and Director Cao Jianqing answered questions respectively.

    In the meeting, the four experts checked the materials of employment and entrepreneurship for graduates carefully and raised questions in accordance with the materials; director Gao Yeshen answered and explained the questions in detail, and provided more supplementary material for experts’ reference. Four experts were very satisfied.

    After the meeting, four experts paid a visit to Dong-nan-dong comprehensive training base, accompanied by the presidential leaders. The four experts were deeply impressed by the strong cultural and creative atmosphere in Dong-nan-dong, and took many pictures at Dong-nan-dong.

     The four experts took a picture at Dong-nan-dong Hall, together with all reception clerks.