The first creative contest was successfully held in SLC
    Source:Silicon Lake College | Author: | Date:2017/06/08 | Views:

    At 3:30 pm June 7th, the first creative contest was successfully held in SLC. The contest is characterized with creativity and innovation; and focused on the gizmos and small fabrications. It could be the material object, also could be the proposal, which shows the participant’s research abilities, creative level, innovation abilities and practical manipulative abilities.

    The contest was organized by Kunshan Talent Office, Kunshan Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Management Committee of Kunshan Human Resource Market and Kunshan Human Resources Market Group Co Ltd; undertook by SLC. The successful holding of the creative contest was to encourage more graduates to stay in Kunshan for entrepreneurship and innovation, to make contribution to the development of local economy.

    After the careful organization of Students’ Affairs Office and Entrepreneurship Guidance Center for College Students, the careful assessment and recommendation of the departments, altogether 14 projects were recommended. The judges for the contest were Lu Xia, director of Department of Business Administration; Liu Huajun, director of Department of Mechanics & Automation Engineering and Information Engineering; Shi Jianpu,director of Department of Civil Engineering; Liu Chengbi, director of Department of Cultural and Creative Industries; and Yang Xiaowen, director of Students’ Affairs Office.

    The 14 projects can make creative works with strong market competitiveness and potential economic and social benefits. Finally, one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes and eight excellence awards had been appraised.