The presidential leaders inspected the construction of new campus
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    The construction of new campus has been conducted like a raging fire. To show the Achievements of new campus construction and let teachers and students know the work on the project of new campus, ensure the classrooms and dormitories can be put in use successfully, in the morning of June 8, Liu Zenan, vice Chairman; accompanied by the directors of Administration Office, Students’ Affairs Office and Logistics Office, inspected the construction of new campus.

    Liu Zenan requested the staff of Engineering Department that they should inspect the project quality of Construction Company.

    The responsible person of the construction company introduced the work of construction.


    The painting of the buildings’ fa?ade is drawing to a close.

    The construction workers were building the corridors between the buildings.

    The neat and uniformed drought fan of ground-source heat pump system


    The terrazzo floor in the classroom and the electronic screen system is installed in a tight and orderly manner.


    The Guesthouse within the college is still in decoration

    The hanging garden

    Liu Zenan, vice Chairman; held a project progress meeting.

    After the inspection, Liu Zenan held a project progress meeting at the construction office. In the meeting, he pointed out that the construction of new campus is the primary task currently; is also the prerequisite for the smooth development of various work in the new term. He requested the construction company should brace every nerve to speed up the construction of the new campus, so as to ensure the construction be completed on schedule in high quality. All administrative offices and teaching departments should make concerted efforts to do a good job of coordination. The technical personnel should be arranged to de a regular inspection of the construction to ensure the construction quality.